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Week #5 challenge – kitchen organization (and a giveaway)

This week our challenge is heading into the kitchen.  I’m challenging you to get your kitchen organized. During our 21 Day challenge, you organized your tupperware cabinet, spice cabinet, under the kithen sink, and your pantry.  Now it’s time to organize the rest of the kitchen.  Place like items with like items.  Simply {organize}.

In the following pictures, I show how I organize:

Spice packets
Coffee items
Drink packs
Paper plates & cups
Drink bottles
Oven mitts
Baking sheets, etc.
Door organizers (condiments, etc.)
Coffee Mugs  

Use your imagination to create a functional space for you! Then come back and share your ideas with us. :)

Jars are great for just about everything.  I will be getting a Silhouette SD machine soon (and so will one of my readers), and Im excited to label the jars in my kitchen with the vinyl words. 

I got some great inspiration (as I always do) from I Heart Organizing to use a plate to store my coffe mugs on the kitchen counter, by the coffee pot. This has been a super easy way to have my cup ready to go in the mornings when Im not quite awake yet. 

My plate came from Target.

3M Command Hooks are perfect for a ton of organizing projects.  My pot holders hang on a hook on the cabinet door right by the oven.

 Wire shelving is the way to go on every door in your kitchen!  The space is waisted if not utilized.  

I keep condiments & frequently used items on the shelves.

Baskets of any kind are great to store cookbooks.  I use a cookbook several days out of the week… so having them here is much easier for me! I got my basket at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $17.00.

More wire organizers... used for baking sheets, etc.  It keeps them upright and easy to slide out. I don’t know how I lived without this item. You can purchase this at walmart.

 Last but not least are my Tupperware rectangular modular mates for organizing. These are so handy for so much stuff!  I LOVE them!  

Drink mixes

Spice packets

Coffee items

Yum, yum.. Strawberry Shortcake coffee!

 Another set of Baskets for kitchen organization.

{Drink tumblers}

When I was browsing the Tupperware website {here} I found these great spring fruit tumblers. I love anything “fruit” related so I had to have these.  They are great to fill with drinks for the kids sporting events, going out shopping for the day, or sending in the kids lunches.

 {Paper plates & cups}

{Vitamin Storage}

I found this nifty vitamin storage chest  {here} through my Shaklee website.  Since I take several vitamins each day, it is much easier to fill & organize the vitamins every 9 days or so, instead of opening each vitamin bottle daily. 

To learn more about which vitamins I supplement with, visit my post {here}.  Or you can visit my veggies and vitamins blog {here}. 

How do you organize your kitchen??


I love the Tupperware containers so much, I’m giving a set away to one lucky reader!

If you would like to win the Tupperware Rectangular Modular Mates set (a $149.50 value), below is what you have to do. You are only required to follow my blog and visit Ambers Tupperware website BUT the more entries you make, your chances of winning the giveaway increase.  Make sure to leave a separate comment for each task you do.  This will increase your chances of winning.
(US residents only please)

1.  Be a follower of A Bowl Full of Lemons (required)

2. Visit Amber’s Tupperware website {here} and comment about what items you love! (required)

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**You can twitter & facebook the giveaway beside the word “comments” at the end of this post. Just click on the “T” and “F”.  Its super easy.

GOOD LUCK!  This is a great giveaway.

If you would like to purchase the Tupperware Modular Mates or any other product, visit Ambers website {here} to shop.

If you are joining the kitchen organizing challenge this week… grab a button and link up your blog!  

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  1. Yay! I am a follower!

  2. Checked out Amber’s site. I really think I need one of those cereal containers. My husband goes through serious amouts of the stuff, so I always have a ton on hand!

  3. Check it out-I already had your button on my blog!


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  5. I love the one-touch canisters, my mom has used them for years! My current ones just aren’t cutting it!

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  7. I’m a follower now! I love the snack bar maker and the cold cut container.

  8. I am already a follower. What’s not to love about Tupperware? Wish I could have it all!

  9. I’m a follower!!! :)

  10. I love the kids’ glasses! My son uses them each day!

  11. I’m already a follower.

    To answer your question about how I organize my kitchen: I don’t have an official pantry space in my kitchen, but I do have tons of cabinet space. Underneath my peninsula countertop, there are tons of cabinets, most of which I’ve designated as my pantry. What I’ve done is labeled the inside door with a cuisine label for the top shelf, the middle shelf, and one for the bottom. (i.e. Door 1 – “Italian” for top shelf, “Asian” for middle shelf, and “Staples” for bottom shelf.) This helps me greatly because all of my pantry items are sorted by cuisines. It helps me know what styles need restocking and I can easily tell what kind of meals I can prepare without going grocery shopping right then. When I had everything together like how I grew up, I could never tell what I really had. Now I can.

  12. On Amber’s site I love the double colander. Lots more options with a lid. :-)

  13. I’m a google reader follower, love the snackbar makers on Amber’s site!

  14. Just added as a facebook follower.

  15. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the insulated tumbler cup. I take drinks with me everywhere I go, so that would come in handy. Thinking of ordering it, actually….


  16. I’m a follower! (Thanks for this giveaway–it’s fantastic!)

  17. Besides the Modular Mates, I really like the SnackBar maker and the Midgets containers. They’re just so adorable!

  18. I subscribe to your blog via RSS feed.

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  20. I follow….and I love the Modular Mates, Cereal Storers, the Insulated Cooler, and many more…

  21. I’m a follower! I’m intrigued by the Tupperware Microsteamer!

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    Jennifer B.

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    Jennifer B.

  26. I checked out her site, and I love the Servalier bowls! My mom has some and they’ve held up for YEARS!
    Jennifer B.

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    Jennifer B.

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    Jennifer B.

  30. I blogged about this week’s challenge & giveaway!
    Check it out here:
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  32. I LOVE everything Tupperware and NEED some new square modular mates


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  38. wow, i just got lost on the tupperware site. i pretty much need it all. but i like the snack cups for the kids’ lunches, sandwich keepers and freezer mates for freezer cooking.

  39. I am a follower of your blog. It’s a great morning read! Thanks for the give-away.

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  42. On the tupperware site, the microwave plates and microwave cereal bowls are very high on my list.

  43. As a newlywed, I’m trying to hone my cooking skills every day, so of course all of the Cook’s Tools would be great for me! I also liked the rectagle storage sets and the Tabletop Knife Sharpener!

  44. what’s not to love? I saw so much. I love the microwave cereal bowls and some of the other salad holders and soup holders. I bring my lunch alot to work so these would be great for me!

    I love the 3m idea for the potholders! Perfect. I need to do that.

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  47. What a great giveaway. Thank you!

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  49. great giveaway! I am a follower

  50. I think I’d choose the canisters. I’ve already been on ebay a few times checking out the vintage canisters and just haven’t made the purchase. I thought, maybe for my birthday (in June!) but maybe I won’t have to wait.

  51. I LOVE Tupperware! my aunt used to sell it ages ago and she always had little mini versions of bowls and stuff that were keyrings. . .I loved those. Visited Amber’s site and I want it all! but seriously, those snack bar makers are neat, and my son really wants the spiderman lunch set.
    Thanks, Toni and Amber!

  52. I’m following you on facebook too.

  53. My favorite thing on Amber’s site is the pickle keeper. It reminds me of my grandparents.

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  55. I love Tupperware, and don’t have nearly enough of it! I really like the Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup, and would also love to try the microwave steamer. Thanks!

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  57. I love the containers for cereal! We always have a few boxes open and by the time we get to the bottom, they taste stale!

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  62. My favorite thing on the Tupperware website is the freezer mate complete set! My son’s favorite is the Mickey Mouse drink tumblers! : )

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  66. why didn’t i think of the 3m hooks for my pot holders!? guess that’s why i’ve got you around! so smart.


  67. I like the vent and serve best- Great for left overs

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  69. I love the snack bar maker because I make my own granola and those would make it so much easier to make my own granola bars.

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  75. I love the tumblers with the lids that have the drip less straw seal. I have had my set for at least 10 years and my kids use them everyday. My youngest doesn’t always drink her beverage all at once so we just put it in the refrigerator for later and the lid keeps the drink fresh.

  76. I’m already a follower on blog and FB, I love the Healthy Lunch All week tupperware set, and I’ll be linking up this week when I organize! Thanks for the kick in the butt to organize my chaotic cabinets and pantry – and counter space! :)


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  87. Oh yeah baskets, wire racks and trays are some of my favorite tools for keeping the clutter cleared in my kitchen and bathroom. But you grabbed my heart with the Tupperware…especially the modular mates because as you know they are my favorite thing for food storage in my kitchen ;)

  88. Last year I cleaned out all of my square modular mates and kept all of my rectangles because I just love how they fill my cabinets all the way so I’d love more rectangulars ;) I also need a new Round Container because somehow the one I had disappeared…probably when I filled it with baked goods for my son ;P


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    I follow your blog, twitter, and FB page, I added your button to my blog and posted on FB and twitter.

  96. I love EVERYTHING about tupperware, not sure what I would do without it!! I really want those fruit drink bottles that you have : )

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  98. Toni, I think you read my mind!! I just happen to be working on my kitchen this week!!

    I am a follower and I just subscribed as well and Liked your facebook page.

    And I LOVE Tupperware!! I’m going to see if I can remember all the stuff I was wanting from Amber’s website. Okay, I definitely want one of those things you can keep potatoes in. And the blue Vent and Serves caught my eye. I have black ones, but I really like the blue. I also LOVE the Midget containers. I had a set of those when I was a kid that I used as part of my kitchen playset.

    I am so excited to participate in this challenge and hopefully win some Tupperware :)

  99. I would like the sandwhich keepers. I hate using plastic lunch bags every day.

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  114. I don’t know if there’s any tupperware that I don’t love! I’d love to have some oval canister sets for storage. I also love the kids kitchen stuff that they make, I had some as a kid. If I could afford it I’d probably have a little of everything!

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  133. Thank you for sharing. You truely inspire me!! Im a follower.

  134. What a great challenge for this week! That’s my first thing. I am working on my kitchen organization as an ongoing thing, so I am excited to show where I am so far. Especially considering I have a tiny kitchen…

    I follow your blog :)

  135. I checked out ambers page – it’s really hard to decide as I am a LOVER of tupperware and over all plastic storage! I didn’t even know that that shape sorter thing they have was a tupperware item. I remember having it when I was little. My son is really into shapes right now…he has to point them out to me all the time, so for that purpose alone I’d get that. But I am also wanting to get the cereal keepers…I am tired of my boxes looking pathetic on the top of my fridge!

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  138. I love the wire shelves on your pantry door. Where did you find those? I looked at Walmart and they only had really big units. Not the smaller ones like you have. Do you remember where they came from?

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  140. I would love to have so many of Amber’s Tupperware goods! I was really drawn to the cereal containers, the One-Touch canisters, and any of the Modular Mates products.

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  184. everything looks so pretty! Great job! I went through and organized my kitchen last year; makes it SO much easier to find things!

  185. I am a Shaklee lover too! I love your blog. Its amazing! I want the modular mates soooo bad!

  186. I am a follower of your blog already and I have subscribed to your blog. Thanks for sharing all of your organizing tricks and ideas. I checked out Amber’s site and I love the soup mugs, perfect for taking soup for lunch to work.


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  188. After visiting Amber’s page it’s hard to decide what I DON’T want! So many great things!! Aside from the set you are giving away which I LOVE I also really like the microwave steamer, the cereal storers, the lunch set, and the shake container!


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    Love your blog.

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  204. I visited Amber’s site. Since I pack lunch for 4 people every day, I love the sandwich keepers and the little snack cup set, but the Modular Mates look so great! I don’t think I’ve met a piece of Tupperware I didn’t like LOL!

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    Count me is as a follower, facebook follower, subscriber, and having your button.

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    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  270. I LOVE Tupperware. A few things on my wish list are:
    The Snackbar maker & Snackbar keeper, as well as the Fridgesmart collection.


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    I like to bring my lunch and this would be nice :)

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    I love the FridgeSmart Containers. I just started cleaning out my fridge today and could definitely use some of those for organizing everything.

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