Organizing Spices…

April 6, 2013


A few months ago, I shared how I organized my spices on a lazy suzan.  It worked well, but I was always turning and turning to find a spice.  Although they looked pretty, they were not very “organized”.  So I was determined to find a new system.  After shopping around, I found the perfect jars on Amazon (here).  The height was just right for drawers.


Here is my old system for organizing spices…

Spice Organization


Here is the new “Drawer” system. It’s on the right side of my oven.

Organizing Spices 7


 I placed the jars in alphabetical order (to find what I need faster).

Organizing Spices 4

 I created the labels in Apple “pages” with the 2″ Avery sticker labels (found at Walmart).  If you don’t want to create your own, you can purchase them already pre made (here).

Organizing Spices 6


Organizing Spices 2


The labels are darker than they appear in the pictures.


Organizing Spices 3


Organizing Spices 5


Once the jars were filled, I added a blank sticker and wrote the expiration date on each jar.
Organizing Spices 1


If you are looking for spice jars to fit your kitchen drawers, you can find them same ones I used (here).   They are made of glass & seal well.spice jar

Happy Organizing!


25 comments on “Organizing Spices…

  1. Jennifer says:

    It looks really pretty but what if all the spice from those first containers doesn’t fit in the pretty ones? Are you storing the rest in another spot?
    That is what would happen in this house. I would always have left over spice in the ugle containers.
    It is a really pretty idea though, I’m glad it works

  2. Barbara Barnes says:

    I really like this. I have an Amazon credit for $50 dollars, so here I go. Question: Do you line your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen with shelving paper of any kind or just the bare wood? Thanks

  3. Cindy says:

    What do you do wig the original container of spice when all of it doesn’t fit into these jars? Do you store those somewhere else to refill these smaller spice jars as you use them?

    • Admin says:

      If there are still spices left, I keep them in a basket in my pantry, until they are gone.

  4. Cindy says:

    That is supposed to say “with” the original…not “wig”! Sorry!

  5. Those jars are adorable! Great idea.

  6. Buttons says:

    Wow! That is one of the prettiest spice drawers I’ve ever seen! We have a cute rack for our use all the time spices that I don’t mind giving valuable space on our counter to, and then the rest are just in a drawer in their original bottles. I wish I didn’t love my rack so much! I love this idea!

  7. Samantha says:

    How do you store all the packages that are left with extras? That’s my bear. I don’t mind the lazy susan so much because I don’t have any drawers to give to spice jars…I wish tho…where do all the packages go at your house?

  8. Larissa says:

    This is such a good idea. I love that you found glass spice jars. I grow and dry most of my own spices and have been looking for containers like these. I never thought of putting spices in a drawer. This is my next project!

  9. Jenny says:

    I have some of these in my cabinet and love them. I use a piece of scotch tape on the bottom that I write on with pencil. That way I can toss them in the dishwasher between uses and change out the contents easily. They are very attractive and I’ve had my set for years. The plastic seal will yellow a bit with certain spices. But it is not very noticeable.

  10. Kristin says:

    What font did you use? Gorgeous!

  11. Kimberley says:

    Nice solution….and very pretty! I am still struggling to figure out the best way to store spices in my house, unfortunately I am short on drawers so can’t even do this 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  12. Annie says:

    Perfect system! Love this.

  13. mahek says:

    WOW!!!! Thats the word that comes to my mind..
    Its great to see that you use so many spices , I felt that only Indian food needed many many spices..
    I love your blog and have you on my side bar.. YOU ARE A GREAT INSPIRATION TO ME..
    I LACK SPACE IN MY HOME but love to keep things tidy(which tend to get untidy pretty quickly due to less space and more things…).But looking at your pictures gives me a feeling of inner happiness thanks for that…

  14. Sara from Belgium in Europe says:

    I like the spice cans. Can someone tell me please if they ship for Belgium and where do I have to look for these prices?? Thank you very much

  15. Anonymous says:

    Love your website and the way you give the links to things you use. AWESOME

  16. Dawn F. says:

    I use old baby food jars. I painted the lids the same color and used a label on top. I’m on a budget and I can’t afford the jars right now. My mom just stores her spices in their original containers I. Her drawer. She lays them down so she can read the label. I am too OCD. I like my jars to look the same.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I love this . I recently did something similar with these same glass jars but instead of labels I painted the lids with chalk board paint and wrote the name on it. This has been one of the best projects I did. I love your blog it’s actually what started me on reading organizing and cleaning blogs and inspiring all my organizational projects.

  18. Terri says:

    Do these jars have “shaker” inserts?

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