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Week #12 challenge – Create a Coupon Binder.

Coupon binder
“Pick another checkout lane, honey!”  
Those are the words of the Krazy Coupon Lady, a recent guest on the new TLC series Extreme Couponing.  I started watching the show the very first night it premiered, and I was instantly hooked.  I was so amazed at how organized these women & men were with their grocery shopping, as well as the stunning savings they were getting from “clipping coupons”.  I wanted that. I want to be those women who stretch their dollars and bring home free groceries or even groceries for pennies on the dollar.  That is smart homekeeping to me.  So I knew I wanted to create a coupon binder & begin my journey at extreme couponing.  (Well, as extreme as I can be, which may not be so extreme at all.) I have always used coupons, but havn’t really saved too much on my grocery bill. So Im super excited to begin this new hobby.  If you would like to stretch your dollar and save more on groceries, you can join me this week with my couponing challenge.


Here is Joanie, The Krazy Coupon Lady, digging in the recycling dumpster to find the coupon inserts. I’m not so sure Im going to go that far… or maybe I will. ;)  To see the Krazy Coupon Lady on The Today show, {chick here}.  Joanie even has a coupon database on her website {here}.  You can go down the list and print out coupons straight from her website.





  Create your own coupon binder & start clipping coupons, the organized way.  A FABULOUS website where you can learn how to coupon in 10 days is This is where I printed out my coupon binder sections. They can be cute (especially if you get a binder from Target), super organized & easy to put together.



I purchased my binder at Target, along with 2 sets of 30 baseball card sheet sets, a pack of full size sheet protectors, and patterned section tabs.  Then I printed out the Krazy Coupon ladies coupon sections.




Baseball card inserts.



You will need a large binder to hold all of the coupons.








My notebook goes on the left side of my binder, where I will make my lists.




I used my labeler to label the main tabs.






Coupon binders are so cool! 



For even more education on couponing, you can purchase Joanies book, “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey”.  *Im not receiving any monetary gain from advertising this website & book. I simply love what it teaches and Im sharing it with my readers.



Happy couponing!