Meal Plan & Prep Wellness Challenge


If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to make some changes. Maybe you are a mom who puts everyone else first. Maybe you haven’t eaten a healthy meal in weeks. If this sounds like you, I invite you to join my Meal Plan & Prep Wellness Challenge. It’s time to make some life changes. What you are doing right now isn’t working.

I made the same changes one year ago this week and haven’t turned back since. It really has been life changing for me. If your nutrition could use some adjustments and you’re ready to commit to a new way of living, join my Meal Plan & Prep Wellness Challenge. Make 2020 the year you put your health first. You must be a resident of the US, Canada, or United Kingdom, to participate.


I lost 40 pounds this year and have kept it off, using the tools I learned from the nutrition program I will be teaching you. Everything is so simple to follow and the results will surprise you. If you follow the plan, you will lose the weight. It’s as easy as that.


Beachbody on Demand workouts have helped me tone my body as I’ve lost weight. My favorite is Liift 4 but there are so many other great programs for all levels.


Here is a photo that shows our weight loss over the past year. It has been dramatic and our mindset on nutrition has completely changed.



During the wellness challenge, you will learn how to implement the right foods into your diet to help improve your health and wellbeing. You will also learn how to successfully lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight) the right way. You will learn the principles of the 2B Mindset nutrition program. You will watch 21 foundational videos that will teach the principles of how to successfully lose weight and keep it off. It’s a simple and easy to learn program—no counting calories, points or measuring food.

The program focuses on what you should eat instead of what you can’t—so you can lose weight happily and easily without feeling hungry or deprived, and keep it off for good. You will learn tips, tools, and strategies to help you achieve your weight-loss goals while still living your life to the fullest. This program is my secret tool! THIS is how I’ve been so successful with my weight loss and nutrition. I promise, you will love it!



• How to stay positive and get back into weight-loss mode when you see a weight gain.
• Getting past your mental barriers and back on track for success.
• How to get re-energized, refocused, and back to losing weight happily.
• How to identify the triggers that cause you to eat, and how to avoid them.
• How to adapt principles for a plant-only diet (if you desire).
• How to cook time-saving, delicious, satisfying meals in no time.



• Getting Started Guide: With simple steps to help get your weight-loss journey underway right away!
• Go-To Guide: All the key 2B Mindset principles—always at your fingertips.
• Tracker: 90 days of meal and progress tracking and other key indicators that play a role in helping you reach your

• Weight-loss goals
• 30-day supply of your morning Shakeology (or performance line)
• Shakeology Shaker Cup
• Recipes: Dozens of delicious—and totally healthy—2B Mindset-approved recipes, just for you!
• Water Bottle (30 fl. oz./888 mL) to help you track your water intake!
• 15 recipe videos where you will learn how to cook time-saving, delicious, satisfying meals in no time.
• 5 videos to help answer the most common questions and weight-loss challenges
• 21 short videos, where you will learn the basic principles of the program, including education on food groups,

• what to eat and when, plus real-life implementation strategies for every eating situation (eating at restaurants, while on trips, for vegans/vegetarians, etc.). Videos are available for streaming only.
• The Beachbody Nutrition+ App (iOS only)
• One-stop access to the entire 2B Mindset program—downloadable to your mobile device.
• You will also receive some of my favorite “go to” recipes along with a meal planning printable kit. If you’ve been in my past challenges, these will be repeat recipes.
• Meal planning tips
• Me as your coach! I will encourage & coach you throughout the entire 30 day challenge. My goal is to see YOU succeed!



For this challenge, you will need a scale. Tracking reveals your trends. Your trends reveal your truth. If you’re not tracking, there’s no way to know what’s causing you to gain weight. I suggest you purchase a digital scale. It’s more accurate. Over the next 30 days, you will write your food intake down in your daily log book and weigh yourself first thing each morning.


OPTION 1: 2B Mindset Nutrition Challenge Kit with Shakeology. This challenge option is for those who want to improve their nutrition only – $180.


OPTION 2: (Best deal) 2B Mindset Nutrition Challenge kit with 12 months of Beachbody on Demand Workouts & Shakeology. This option is for those who want to improve their nutrition and start implementing a workout program (Beachbody workouts are your choice and at your own pace). You will see much faster results with this option. It comes with Shakeology – $220.


OPTION 3: (Best deal) 2B Mindset & BOD Performance Pack. This option is for those who want to improve their nutrition and start implementing a workout program (Beachbody workouts are your choice and at your own pace). You will see much faster results with this option. For those of you who cannot drink Shakeology, this kit comes with Beachbody Recover (post workout) & Energize (pre workout) – $220.


OPTION 4: The 2B Mindset BASE Kit. This option is ONLY for those who currently have an ACTIVE Beachbody on Demand & a Shakeology subscription purchased through me. Please select 2B Mindset then “base kit”.  –  $119.


OPTION 5: Past ABFOL nutrition challenge member option. THIS OPTION IS FOR MY PAST 2B Mindset Challengers ONLY. If you have purchased a 2B mindset challenge kit from me and participated in one of MY 2B mindset challenges, you may join the February challenge for $49.95. Please send your PayPal payment (choose Friends & Family) to and email me your receipt with past participant in subject line. This is ONLY for my past 2B mindset challengers of the May, June, August, September, October, or January Nutrition challenge. Please let me know which challenge you participated in. If you would like start working out on your own, please purchase the Beachbody on Demand subscription here. There will be REPEAT recipes in this challenge. $49.95.


  1. YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT MY COACH ID IS CHOSEN WHEN ORDERING. My coach id is #1891869. If not, you will NOT be able to join my challenge group. You must use my links above, to participate in my challenge. If needed, my coach email is
  2. This is for new Beachbody members only. If you have an active coach, please reach out to them to join a challenge. If your coach is no longer active, you are welcome to join my challenge. Make sure you choose my Coach ID when signing up (1891869).
  3. You must purchase a challenge kit, then email a screenshot of the receipt & your Facebook name to to get on the final group list. You must purchase your kit and email the receipt by 1/26/20 at 9pm EST.
  4. You must be a resident of the US, Canada, or United Kingdom, to participate.

You MUST purchase your kit and email me the receipt by 1/26/20 at 9pm EST. Once you are signed up and have paid, please email me a screenshot of your receipt with the title of the challenge in the email subject line. Please include your facebook name.

I will email you the link to the challenge Facebook group on 1/27/20. The challenge is on Facebook only (in a private group). Email your receipt to After 1/27/20, the group will be closed and you will have to wait another month for the next challenge. The challenge prep week begins on January 27th and the challenge will end on 3/1/20. Please read everything in its’ entirety before emailing me any questions.


The support you get from my challenge groups is priceless. You will meet new friends and learn so much from each other, but most of all you’ll conquer your fears and celebrate your successes with other women who are in the same situation as you. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year.

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