My gift wrap station & a guest…

February 25, 2011
I finally finished creating a functional gift wrap station!  It is housed in my armoire, in my master bedroom. (You can see my new paint color in the picture below).  I am so glad I have created this space. Now it will be much easier to get a gift ready to go, when the kids have a party to attend, or we have a family birthday, etc.
PLEASE ignore the large box tv in this armoire.  It needs replaced, but its not going to happen an time soon. I dream of a flat screen on our bedroom wall. (One day).
My photo boxes fit perfectly here.

I picked up these boxes at Target this week. They will house my vintage (1990’s wink) music cd collection. More on that later.
This scrapbook organizer fits tissue paper, boxes and bags well.
These buckets are for pre-purchased gifts. I like to go to target and walmart the day after Christmas to get gifts on clearance. The kids give them out for school birthdays. It sounds cheap, but they are invited to a TON of parties throughout the school year.
The wrapping paper fits great in the bottom drawer.

The top shelve holds three baskets.  One for my novels, one for my self improvement books, and one for my christian collection of books.  These are NOT my only books.  I switch them out often.  My bookshelve is in my basement. Its nice to have these baskets in my bedroom since this is where I do most of my reading.

The middle drawers hold… my ribbon, scissors, tape, tags, etc…

and the other one holds extra school supplies.
Thats my gift wrap station, now I want to share a very inspirational space from one of my readers…

Three Men & a Little Lady linked up her gift wrapping station for the challenge this week. I was tickled at how organized she was on this challenge (she actually had it already finished it prior to the challenge).  This is the perfect model to follow if you are wanting to create your own gift wrapping station.

I got peg board hooks from Lowe’s to
hang the rolls of curling ribbon on,
and also found the little baskets to hold ribbon shredders,
gift enclosure cards and paper cutters.
Tape and scissors have their own hook so they are
always in the same place.
Under the cabinet there are
baskets of bows and miscellaneous
ribbons and things to decorate packages.
There is a hook that I keep a stock of basic white gift bags from
the Dollar Store that I can just add some bright tissue paper
and a pretty bow of curling ribbon and we are good to go!
Scott made racks on the inside of the doors
that hold the wrapping paper.
He used dowl rods that can be pulled out from the top
when I need to remove or replace the rolls of paper.
I keep 8 rolls of paper,
2 that are specifically Christmas patterned
and then a solid red and green that coordinate
with the Christmas paper, but can be used for
general Birthday as well with just the change of
colors in ribbon.
I also have solid white for just about anything,
Baby Polka Dot paper that is light blue on one side
and pink on the other…
I also have a pretty “girly” paper to use to
wrap present s for friends…
and the sports balls are left over from
before…when that roll is done I’ll probably get
another solid color paper.
I found this shoe rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond that
I use to hang tissue paper on…
Scott made this wrapping paper holder for me when I was pregnant
with Jackson…
we were sitting in the waiting room and I saw something
like it in a magazine.
I looked at him and said
“you could make that, couldn’t you?”
He studied over it and said
“Yes, I can”
hee hee hee
so off he went to Lowe’s.
He’s so sweet…
This holds extra rolls and also
really TALL rolls of paper that I keep for
the big Christmas presents.
All my pretty little rolls of curling ribbon
hanging neatly on their hooks.
Lots of bows ready to be fluffed!
I have ordered all of my paper,
ribbon and bows from
They have tons of different packaging supplies.
Thousands of different papers, bags, fillers, boxes…
oh the list just goes on and on…
It’s as much fun as shopping for office supplies!
I even have a stash of boxes on the bottom shelf that I picked
up at Wal-Mart after Christmas.
What a GREAT gift wrapping station!  Thank you Sandra for sharing your pictures with us.

21 comments on “My gift wrap station & a guest…

  1. Becky says:

    It’s beautiful! I have all mine organized in a cupboard downstairs in the work room/laundry room basement. It’s not as pretty but it functions well and my folding table works great for wrapping gifts on it! I also keep extra little gifts in there, too!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Your space looks great Toni! I also love the space you featured too.

  3. Wow, these are inspirational! I need to get a station going 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    Toni, you just made my day! Thanks so much for featuring my little cabinet! I am really enjoying it. Thanks for inspiring us to keep our homes neat and organized…I am a looonnnnggg way from there but it’s fun keeping up with the challenges you offer to get us all going in the right direction! I love linking up and seeing what everyone is doing.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Mrs. H says:

    I am just in LOVE with this idea! I’m going to search for an armoire to put in my guest room to hide all my wrapping supplies. Since I also operate Etsy & eBay stores, this will be extra helpful in organizing all my shipping & packing supplies! Thanks so much for sharing!
    ~Mrs. H

  6. Emily says:

    Both gift wrap stations are phenomenal. They are inspiration to all of us.

  7. Farming Mama says:

    Wow – so functional and pretty! I never thought to put wrapping paper in a drawer – I’ll have to see if I can find a vacant drawer somewhere in my house this weekend, cause right now my wrapping paper looks so messy on a shelf in our spare room closet! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Angela says:

    Great job looks amazing one day i will get there and be so organizied lol

  9. Sally says:

    Both stations are dreamy! Nice job, ladies. 🙂

  10. CAS says:

    That’s a great wrapping center. I have mine in decor closet in our sunroom. It certainly does make a difference in how quickly you can put something together when you have all your supplies in one spot.

  11. Toyin O. says:

    Looks so pretty, you are super organized:)

  12. Both are so great! I only have a box under my bed…no room in the house for a whole station. But even my box could use some organization.

  13. What a good idea to use a wardrobe for a gift wrapping station! I’m curious where you found that adorable polka dotted wrapping paper. I’d love to get some like that!
    ~ Vida

  14. Toni says:

    My polka dot paper came from hobby lobby at Christmas time. Nashville wraps has adorable paper as well.


  15. Oh my goodness, I am in love with your gift wrapping station! I must know, though, where did you get that adorable polka dot wrapping paper?
    Also noticed that your e-mail address is a Columbus road runner address? I live in New Albany, and have a blog too, so glad that I found you via 320 Sycamore. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Such a good idea! I keep seeing these at garage sales of people trying to phase out these cabinets and didn’t know what they could be used for…until now! Next time I see one for a deal I am going to grab it and put in my office and copy your idea. 🙂

  17. Toni says:

    Kimm, I’m so close to you… In Johnstown. Small world. 🙂

  18. Teri says:

    I’ve been enjoying the weekly challenges… I’ve just not been able to participate as I wish. Feb was “one of those” months. But I plan on doing every single one of them in March plus whatever the new weekly challenges are!

  19. Lisa says:

    Wish I had a place like this to store all of my gift wrapping supplies….maybe I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to do it if everything was together.

  20. kerri says:

    I don’t want to dedicate such a large space for wrapping supplies, any suggestions for a smaller scale??

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