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December 5, 2012

Saturday begins a new ABFOL series called Emergency Preparedness.  During the 8 weeks series, I will teach you how to prepare your family for the unexpected in case of  an emergency. To read more about the series, visit my introduction post here. If you would like to get a head start on the program, or if you would like your own paper copy of the series, you can purchase my new E-Book called “Emergency Preparedness”.  Click below to purchase!




The E-Book & Printables Kit is only $10.  The E-Book outlines step by step directions on how to put together an Emergency Survival Station in your home.  The E-Book also comes with a “printables kit” for the Emergency Binder with several pages to fill out  your family information.  If you are like me, you will love to have the E-Book as a complimentary guide to the 8 Week Series by your side. You can refer to it as you build your Emergency Survival Station.


 The E-Book includes:


Checklist for setting up your storage area
Food & Water Storage Guide
72 Hour Kit Checklist
First Aid Kit Inventory
First Aid Kit Printable
Important Documents & Cash Stash Checklist
“Grab” in case of emergency list
List of personal documents to place in Emergency Binder
Family Emergency Plan Printable
Insurance Policies Printable
Family Health Information Printable
Emergency Numbers Printable
Important Numbers Printable
Supplies Tips
EmergencySupplies Checklist
Faraday Cage Directions
Hygiene & Pet Kit Sheet
Hygiene List
Pet Kit Checklist
Comfort Kit Checklist
Fun Kit Checklist
and more!



Here is my Emergency Binder.  I created it with the Printables Kit.



I hope you’ll join us for a much needed 8 week series to get your family prepared!  You never know when you will need it!  If you are participating, join the event page (here).  You can also link up your blog to the Emergency Preparedness introduction post (here).



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60 comments on “Emergency preparedness E-Book…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for doing this. After hurricane Sandy and losing power for 5 days it certainly makes you think.

  2. Rosie says:

    I recently moved from Texas to Missouri and often wonder what kind of emergency supplies I should add for the colder weather?

    • Damian says:

      I’m in MO too and winters can get cold. The answer to your question depends on what area you’re talking about: home, vehicle, on-foot. In my vehicle, for example, I specifically add a warm sleeping bag (though I keep a small blanket in the trunk all year) and a few extra pairs of warms socks, mittens, stocking caps. Besides other winter-related preps like an ice scraper and small shovel, I also like to include extra hand warmers and things like that. By and large, most of the preps to include in your vehicle should be kept in your vehicle regardless of time of year. You can easily include most everything you need in a back pack or small tote. And remember the vehicle-related preps such as tire sealant and engine oil. Perhaps the most important prep item is a DC cell phone charger for your phone and even a pre-paid phone in your glove box to call for help. I keep plenty of lists and info here: rethinksurvival.com.

      • bb says:

        speaking of winters, would it also not be advisable to also weigh down the rear-end of the mode of transportation with an item such as sandbags should one have to venture out on icy roads slowly ? With that, perhaps a seperate sandbag that has a combination of sand, gravel and dirt, (to put in front and behind the tires to gain traction) should one get stuck if they happen to run off the road ?

  3. Christy says:

    This is fantastic idea to have prepare when something is happening in your area. Mostly East coast or Midwest are affecting lot of storms and floods than where I am here in SoCal but we only have many minor earthquakes but no majors yet in my 40 years of life in LA but major would happen someday! We need create earthquake kit does that program that you create about earthquake as well?

    • Admin says:

      Christy, The 8 week series is designed to prepare you for ANY emergency. If you are affected by a natural disaster and have to leave your home or are without power for an extended amount of time, this kit will help you survive during that time. 🙂 Its great for everyone to do. Spread the word!!

  4. Damian says:

    I also run an emergency preparedness website: rethinksurvival.com and I look forward to your coming 8-week series.

    • Admin says:

      Damian. I will have to check out your site. Im by no means an expert… so Im interested to see what you think. 😉

      • Damian says:

        I like the fact that you’re willing to tackle such an important subject! There’s so much to learn (kind of like what I’m doing with organizing right now) and I’m glad that you’re bringing the subject to a different audience. Getting prepared doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or even time-consuming. And, I’m willing to bet that your ebook makes it easy to do so.

  5. Pattie McLaughlin says:

    Thank you so much for all of your work! You do an amazing job! I would like to join in also. I am on FB! Thank you!

  6. Hi Toni,
    I shared your eBook on the Preparedness Challenge today and will post again on FB later this next week about it. Congratulations on getting it completed and launched!

  7. Paula Vosloh says:

    Remember your sitter – let them share in the making of a survival kit or include one for them when making yours and be sure they know where the child’s or elderly parent’s papers are. This is likely a scenario no parent EVER wants to think about. But disasters do not always wait for everyone to get home. Private sitters should have a plan, too. Sitters have families and both parties should discuss these important issues. Once done, everyone can feel at ease knowing most everything is covered. I love your site. Thanks for sharing and I’m off to buy your e-book. I apologize if I missed this part of your series. I’m multitasking – cleaning out clutter and reading your post at the same time…not easy but making the other job less brutal. If I’m repeating something already mentioned I hope it just drives the message home.

  8. Kristy Walker says:

    How will the eBook come? Email, then I download? I have a tablet and sometimes things don’t download.

  9. Kim says:

    Yesterday I was rushed to the ER via ambulance because of a severe asthma attack. My husband could not answer any of the questions about my meds that the paramedics asked. I just completed the budget binder last week and I love it. Needless to say, I will work on this one this week! Thanks for sharing!

    • Toni says:

      This is exactly why everyone needs an emergency binder!!! Its so important. Thanks for sharing.

  10. ANNE BUSH says:

    Where were the backpacks purchased and what brand are they?

  11. Hattie says:

    Once purchased how do I receive the efile?

  12. Rachel says:

    the files are sent to your email address for you to download.

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