Home Organization 101: Week 3 “The Pantry” (Season 3)

June 15, 2013

Home Organization 101 Season 3


Welcome back to Home Organization Season 3.  This week we are cleaning out the pantry.  With a functional pantry, your grocery bill will decrease, your meal planning will improve and your family will love you!   Don’t forget to share your finished space on our facebook group page here.  Happy Organizing!







This week should be a bit easier than the previous two weeks (hopefully).  We are cleaning out and organizing the pantry!  I split up the kitchen and pantry because I think the pantry is a separate job itself!  I didn’t want you to get burnt out from being in the kitchen for two weeks straight.  Follow the steps to get your pantry organized below!




1.  Make sure you have boxes, bins, etc… before you get started. You will need them. I purchased mine at a local store but some baskets similar to mine can be found here. * If you do not have baskets/bins, you can still organize your pantry into “categories”.
2.  If you are using them, line up your empty bins & baskets on the kitchen table. If you do not have bins, you can still separate your food into ‘categories’ on the table.
3. Take everything out of your pantry.  Check the expiration date and throw out expired or no longer used items.  Place “like” items in the baskets on the table. Organizing your food into categories (bins) will help keep your pantry looking nice and neat.  (Categories to consider: School, Breakfast, Pasta, Baking, Sauce, Bread, Snacks, Sides, etc.)
4.  Once you are finished organizing into categories, you can wipe out your pantry, sweep, mop, etc… to get it all clean.
8.  Place all of your neatly organized bins & boxes back into your pantry.
9. Label each bin with a labeler or hang a tag on the basket like I did.
*This is only a guide to help get you started. Customize your pantry to fit the needs of your family.
Thats it!!  All done.  Now take some pictures and share with us. 🙂





Using baskets has helped us keep our pantry organized.



I use the top shelf for small appliances, etc.




I love the Elfa door organizers.  They give me so much more space to store canned goods, etc.  We do not have a lot of canned goods. We eat mostly fresh, but if not in season, then freezer veggies.



I keep extra reusable grocery bags in the basket under the shelves.

Each of my green baskets contain a “category”.

1.  Oatmeal
2. Granola
3. Breakfast
4. Cereal
5. Chips
6. Snacks





Whenever the kids go into the pantry to get a snack, they know to leave the “school snacks” alone. They are ONLY for school lunches.


I keep a running tally of my pantry items.  I got this printable from Clean Mama on Etsy here.  I take it to the grocery store with me so I know what Im out of.


I attached the chalkboard labels onto the baskets with zip ties.



Thats our pantry!  Its functional and easy for our family to utilize.


1. Wire Baskets (similar to mine) – Amazon
2. Mini Chalkboard labels (similar to mine) – Amazon
3. Green bins – Target
4. Large woven basket – Target
5. Clipboard – Staples
6. Grocery Bag Holder – Amazon
7. Elfa Door organizers – Container Store
8. Frosted shelf liners – Container Store


If you have any questions about our pantry organization, dont hesitate to ask. Please ask your questions on the Group facebook page (here) so everyone can see them, and so I dont have to answer the same question multiple times. 🙂


A Bowl Full of Lemons

Happy Organizing!

15 comments on “Home Organization 101: Week 3 “The Pantry” (Season 3)

  1. Nancy says:

    I love your website and have used your ideas and suggestions. I wish I had a pantry line you are showing but unfortunately I don’t. I have a long thin cabinet with adjustable shelfs and it is deep. I have to move food or take it out to reach what got pushed to the back. Do you have any suggestions on organizing it. Thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      I recently purchased at Aldi (in Australia) some drawers that you put into your cupboards that has helped me. Not sure where you might get those from in the US.

    • Lauren says:

      Have you considered getting the shelves on gliders so it can be pulled out for you to access the back items easier?

  2. You have totally inspired me. I’ve just ordered baskets on Amazon and small blackboard signs. Now the work begins.

  3. Sherry says:

    A suggestion for Nancy (and others with deep cabinets) .. I rent so am stuck with what I have.. short deep cabinets, just tall enough for most canned goods. I bought inexpensive cookie/jelly roll pans and put my items on these. I can just pull out the whole sheet and have easy access to the items in the back. Some of the shelves even hold my casserole dishes and other baking pans. Hope this helps!

  4. Erin says:

    I love how everything is so visible! I need to do this for my family so everyone knows what they can have for snacks and what is reserved for other meals, etc.

  5. Kulsum says:

    I discovered your blog on Sunday! And…I have tornadoed through the office, pantry, spice cabinet!! I also created breakfast and baking stations! I was so ambitious forgot to take before pics. Love it! Also printed labels but taped them since label sheets were expensive and I was on a no spending at all budget. They still look great. Thank you so much!!

  6. Lorie says:

    I love your ideas and you have truly inspired me. May God continue to shower you with blessings.

  7. Brandy K. says:

    When will your planner be for sale?

  8. Meech says:

    I love the use of the baskets in your pantry, especially the mesh ones, so you can see everything! It will help contain most items that don’t stack very well thus leaving a considerable amount of wasted space! Thanks for the awesome inspiration…I’m so glad I found you, Toni! I’m looking forward to actually making my organizational dreams come true this year!

  9. Brenda says:

    I love how neat and organized your pantry is. Space is minimal in my kitchen and there is no pantry. Everything that can resides inside the cabinets. Lunch and breakfast items for the grandchildren are in pretty baskets on the counter top along with my Kitchenaid. I dislike having items on the counter top , but there is no where else for them to reside.

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