Planning your summer schedule…

June 3, 2013

Summertime has arrived, the kids are home from school, and you have no clue how everyone is going to spend the next 3 months.  Sound familiar?  You want to give your kids a memorable summer, yet you still have responsibilities (a job to do).  So how are you going to plan it?  Begin today by creating a list of goals for the summer as well as create a summer schedule for the kids, as well as yourself, so your not frazzled.

How to plan your summer schedule - A Bowl Full of Lemons

1.  Plan your summer “Bucket List”  –

Sit down with the kids and write a list of what you all want/hope to do this summer.  No ideas are out of the question.  Brain storm and let the kids use their imagination.


Here are some ideas:

Go to the beach

Summer camp

YMCA day camps

Family Camping

Join the local pool

Summer book club at the library

Movie night outside/Drive in movie theater

Go Fishing

Spend the day inside making homemade playdoh, moon sand, finger painting, painting with pudding, etc.

Bike riding


Catch Fireflies

Make smores in the backyard

Host a block party

Attend the weekly discount matinee at the movies


2.  Set up a 3 month summer calendar

– Whatever it is that’s on your bucket list, schedule it and write it down on the calendar.  Plan at least 2 activities per week. Write down the dates you plan to do these activities. You can always change the date if your schedule changes.  If you work full time, you will have to plan around your work schedule.  Keep the calendar where the entire family can see it.  This is a great reminder of the exciting things to look forward to this summer. The kids will not keep asking “what are we going to do this week”? They will already know where to look.

– Schedule your grocery shopping, bill paying, errand, day, meal planning, cleaning, and laundry days.  When the kids are home, time gets away from you.  If these are scheduled, you will be sure to stay on top of things.

– Stick to a regular routine.  Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you forget about a consistent daily routine for your kids. They function best with a routine. It may be different than during the school year, never the less, they still need a routine.  Have them wake up, shower, and go to bed around the same time every day.  Maintaining a regular daily routine will keep them healthy, happy, and productive.


3.  Schedule one “NO ELECTRONICS” day per week (Adults included).

– Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the summer, without electronics.  Take this time to be “present” in your childrens lives, as well as teach them to  function without their iphone, facebook, and texting. Lock the laptops, cell phones, and ipods up where nobody will be able to find them. Out of site, out of mind.  Sunday may be the easiest day for this, since most people do not work on Sunday.


4.  Have fun! –

– Summer goes way to fast! So make it count while it lasts.  Have  a great summer.


12 comments on “Planning your summer schedule…

  1. We do a bucket list every summer and love it. It is really motivating for me, otherwise I might just be tempted to lay around. And I totally agree with you about sticking to a regular routine. One thing we are for sure doing is 5K Fridays were we are going on a 5K bike ride every Friday. I am going to use the next week to figure the rest of our days out.

  2. Lori Greco says:

    Toni, I love this post. Very helpful. This is exactly the step-by-step plan I needed to help me focus.

  3. Thank you for the GREAT ideas! I love the “summer bucket list” idea. I may even pull out a beach bucket and let them put their summer ideas in there !!!

  4. Sandy from Ca. says:

    This sounds great, I will have to pass this on. I have only Grandchildren(mine are now the parents LOL) but I travel to visit my babies so I will be asking them what they would like to do when Grandma is there! Thank you for the idea’s. Sandy

  5. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! Summer really does go by way too fast.

  6. kathy plane says:

    I love love love your web sight. Thank you! I have not been camping in a very long time and we are getting ready to go with a large group of people. I was hoping you could do a series on camping, what to take how to set things up. Thanks again. Kathy

  7. These are great ideas — thanks! I think it’s a good idea to make some plans for summer. Summer goes by too quickly, so it’s important to make sure that time is scheduled for family fun! I have to plan some fun days and activities for me and my kids!

  8. Estee Tea says:

    I like the idea of a “no electronics” day best:)

    • Tina Stryde says:

      Love the no electronics as well….actually thinking of suspending my fb account for the whole summer !!! So I can be present with my kids instead of present with cyber space…..dont know if I can handle it but I am going to try!

  9. kelly says:

    Love these ideas! BTW where did you get that desk calendar?

  10. jo says:

    Great ideas, Toni! We decided to limit technology for our three kids as well this summer. They can only use the iPads and computer on days with a “T” (for tech) in them… so that means just Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So far, so good! 🙂

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