Day #8 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Coat Closet)

I thought today would be the perfect day to conquer a closet… the coat closet if you have one. If you don’t, then organize another closet in your home.  My coat closet is used for “junk” cleaners that I no longer use… but refuse to throw away. So, I guess Read More

A Shaklee visitor today…

My friend Sally over at “Are They Twins” is sharing her “Shaklee” experience with us today. She has been one busy mamma. While she is busy cleaning, Im busy planning our upcoming week of the challenge.  I would LOVE to hear some of your input. What would you like to Read More

Day #7 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Pantry)

It’s a sad, sad thing… that I still have my Christmas tree and decorations up!  I have been so busy with my Shaklee business & this blog, that I seemed to have forgotten that it wasn’t Christmas time anymore.  That is my #1 priority today. I must get it down! Read More

Day #6 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Dresser Drawers)

Yesterday was amazing. I LOVED seeing all of your “under the kitchen sink” posts!  (I will admit, it was hard seeing all of those chemicals though).   Whenever you are ready to trade your chemicals in for Non-Toxic Get Clean Products, email me & I will help you pretty your Read More

Day #5 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Under the Kitchen Sink)

Today we are going to be organizing “under the kitchen sink”.  This area used to be a hot spot for my family.  But, since I have organized and utilized the space more efficiently, it now stays clean.   My challenge for you… Organize under your kitchen sink.   1. Take Read More

Day #4 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Linen Closet)

Day #4 Challenge (The Linen Closet) Today we are organizing the linen closet.  This will also be a day of purging. (I know you don’t use everything in that closet!) I cant wait to see all of your before pictures, becuause I know what mine looked like and it wasn’t Read More

Day #3 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Tupperware Cabinets)

Day #3  Organizing those messy tupperware cabinets! Today my challenge for you is to organize your tupperware cabinets.  This may be a cabinet where you hold your mixing bowls, leftover containers, baking dishes, and everything in between (not just tupperware).  You do NOT have to organize more than one cabinet Read More

Day #2 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Computer Desk)

Before we start today’s challenge, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who took advantage of the Shaklee special in December.  So many of you ordered!  Thats awesome! I would love to see you using your Shaklee products during our challenges.  The Get Clean Starter Kit Now on Read More

Do you need a job? Well, Im looking to hire!

Wow, Day #1 is over and we already have a break!  (Remember, we are taking Sundays off to rest for the week to come). I’m so glad you are all participating in the 21 days to getting organized challenge. I am so ecstatic to see this many of you are participating. Read More

How to lose weight naturally & for FREE!!!

I know this is supposed to be a cleaning & organizing blog… but I think that cleaning out our bodies of junk qualifies as a “cleaning”, don’t you?   Sooooo, I just found out about a GREAT new special that Shaklee is offering. If you have “losing weight” on your New Read More