Day #19 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Master Closet)

January 22, 2011

I have been waiting for the weekend to do this challenge… since it took me FOREVER to complete!  My closet was a complete mess.  I am truly embarassed to show you these before pictures.

After I went through and purged a lot of clothes, I realized… I don’t have anything left!  So, I need to make a shopping trip soon.  I just seem to wear the same clothes all the time. So I never get to everything and it just hangs in the closet, collecting dust.  If I didn’t wear it in the last 3 months, it was purged.

My challenge for you:

Take your before pictures… and make sure you get out your donation box. I’m positive you will need it for this challenge. Clear out your entire closet & start purging.

 Happy organizing!

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My challenge pictures…

I found these banker boxes at Walmart.  They were $15.00 for 10 of them! I needed something that could store all of our keepsakes, etc… and I didn’t want to pay a fortune for boxes… so I was super happy when I found these. The dont look pretty but they will do just fine!  Who goes in my closet anyways? I labeled each box with my nifty labeler. 

Wow… look at the mess.   This is one of my weaknesses, putting clothes away neat.

I dont wear half of these.  I had 15 pairs of nursing scrubs hanging (and I am not allowed to wear them to work).  Scrub free zone… they say. So they were just taking up precious space.

Baseball cards, collectibles, baby clothes… all went in the banker boxes for safe HIDING!

I took ALL of “my” stuff out. My husband didn’t take his clothes out. He says he wears them ALL… Yea right! 

I use this hanging organizer for some of my jewelry. Its organized and easily accessible.

My closet is obviously NOT an ELFA system... although someday it will be!  

My Big Lots containers hold:

– Jewelry
– Perfumes & body sprays
– Wallets & clutches
– an empty box!

Just so you remember the before…

and after… I have an ENTIRE hanging shelf with NO clothes!  My garage sale is going to be HUGE!

This is what my husbands clothes looked like before the challenge. I have to admit, he is pretty neat.  

One day soon… after our Dave Ramsey Baby Steps are complete… I will get an ELFA closet system like these ones…

The Container Store is having their 30% off ELFA closet systems now!!  Oh, how I wish I was getting one.

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13 comments on “Day #19 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Master Closet)

  1. Becky says:

    Toni….I SO wish for you to have an ELFA closet! Someday, someday! Yours looks pretty nice now! I have never been overly attached to my clothing and have a friend who LOVES my hand me downs! My hubby says the same thing….

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Molly B says:

    I am new to your blog and I LOVE it! I have been reading every day, and have been very inspired.

    I am working on my closet right now. . .have you ever looked at Closetmaid closet systems? They are so gorgeous and they are actually having a sweepstakes right now.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful tips!

  3. Toni says:

    Oh, I need to check out the closetmaid systems. Thanks!!

  4. Simply Soil says:

    Hey Tony its alexa (for some reason my blog still shows my old blog name). You are doing great with your closet. Matching hangers are the first key to looking organized. I too want an elfa closet (and I even design them) just more important things right now. Next key is purging which you did. Great! All of us at The Container Store Easton think you are doing just fine :). By the way don’t buy closet maid, just save up and do a little bit at a time. I will help you!

  5. I really like the little jewelry organizer!

  6. Toni says:

    Alexa, I will definitely come to you to design my elfa closet. Thanks for letting me know. I emailed CS public aff. Hopefully they will donate! ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have a new blog??

  7. Lesley says:

    Hey Toni… looks great!!! You mention bins from Big Lots all the time so I just wanted to make sure that you have seen the coupon floating around that starts today 1/22!!! You can get 20% off your entire order starting today through the week. I think I am making a trip today or tomorrow to see what they have. I have never gotten bins from there, but have been hearing about everyone else getting them there.

  8. I’m so jealous of your closet! We live in a teeny tiny house with a teeny tiny closet.

  9. Colleen says:

    Toni, my husband would say the same thing. In fact, I was just cleaning out his bathroom vanity cabinets and he very nicely told me to mind my business!!! I proceeded to clean it out anyway!! Men!!

  10. Jamie says:

    Oh how happy your blog makes me. I could honestly sit here all day and be inspired by your ideas. Instead, I shall get moving on my own early spring cleaning!!! Happy Organizing Bowl Full of Lemons!

  11. withpatience says:

    Oh man, I was hoping and praying that this task would not come! Our house has very very very little storage and everything that has been cleaned out of closets & cupboards has gone to my closet for storage–ah!!!!!! Man Oh Man! Well, this is going to take more than today to do. Good thing it’s a weekend;-)

  12. awesome job!! Looks great. I drool over those Elfa systems, too!!

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