Day #8 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Coat Closet)

January 10, 2011
I thought today would be the perfect day to conquer a closet… the coat closet if you have one. If you don’t, then organize another closet in your home.  My coat closet is used for “junk” cleaners that I no longer use… but refuse to throw away. So, I guess I will continue to store them and hopefully give them away soon (maybe at my garage sale, I can put them in a box and give em away).  Anyways… this is a “hot spot” for me because I dont have a lot of storage in my house so this is where it all goes.  Our coats get hung in the hallway on a coat hook, rack -thingamy bob. PLEASE BEWARE… THIS IS NOT A PRETTY ORGANIZED SPACE…. but it is functional for us.  I’m excited for this challenge. I cant wait to see what you do too.

As always, Im so happy to see all of you each day. I feel like I have made a world of new friends.  You are all special to me and I hope you keep coming by to “visit”.

You are welcome to have a cup of coffee or (hot cocoa) with me & stay a while.

No step by step instructions today… I think you have all learned my system of organizing a space. Now make me proud!

Here are my challenge pictures… DONT JUDGE!!! Its horrible.  πŸ˜‰  See, an organized person can be messy (esp. if she has 3 kids).

My conventional cleaners… I will use the method until its gone, but all of the others are going in the free box at my garage sale. πŸ˜‰

The closet is smaller than it appears, trust me!

My cute little Shaklee grocery bags

I couldnt get a full shot, because there was a wall behind me… I couldnt scoot back any further. 

The method + seventh generation cleaners I need to finish up. One box holds bathroom cleaners and one box holds kitchen cleaners.

Coat closet turned cleaners closet.

Sorry method, Shaklee has taken your place!

My coupon file box and chemical filled swiffer floor wipes.

This shelf holds my never used-bread machine and box of rags, dusters, and sponges

Cat stuff and canning jars.

Peg rack to hold mops, and other cleaning stuff. 

My wrapping paper organizer from Big Lots

Cute wrapping paper was from Hobby Lobby

Thats it!  What do your closets look like??

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28 comments on “Day #8 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Coat Closet)

  1. You haven’t seen messy until you’ve seen my pantry. Good for you for getting it done!

    Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys

  2. mom2maya says:

    It’s a good thing you had the starbucks there and waiting, I almost ran away screaming when I heard entry closet but instead . . I did it! Toni, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you so much doing this challenge, not only have these tasksbeen WAY over due for me and my home BUT they have been SO much fun. Thanks again. Kristy

  3. Amanda says:

    great job on organizing your closet!!

    my coat closet has been long overdue for a clean. because its a mess, our entry way hall way been a diaster! time to clean it up.

  4. I need one of those wrapping paper organizers! That’s where we keep ours too. LOL

  5. Kelley says:

    A couple of years ago when I switched to Shaklee cleaners, I donated my “old” cleaners that I knew I wouldn’t use anymore to a charity center. We have one in our area that is based on need, not on income and everything is free to those who need it.

  6. Toni says:

    Kelley, Thanks.I will look into something like that. I have a ton of cleaners! πŸ™‚

  7. Kristal says:

    Perfect! I am so glad to see some REAL “Before” pictures from you, Toni! I’m also glad to get some ideas about what to do will all of my toxic chemicals…give them to the needy! So nice!

  8. withpatience says:

    I love your polka dot wrapping paper–how fun! Off to find a closet to clean–no coat closet here and 4 other closets to choose from. I can’t even get to one closet thanks to a wonderful friend who gave our son a 5 ft. tall playhouse for Christmas! Who gives a boy a playhouse anyway?!?!? Well, I left it up for a while but it is going, going, gone very soon here!

  9. Love your blog. I’m following you now. My word for this year is “Organize”.

  10. I found these great canvas boxes at Wal-mart to organize my coat closet and laundry room. I love them! They hide all of the unsightly things in the laundry room and organize everything in the coat closet that just ends up hanging around the shelves.

  11. Toni says:

    Thanks so much everyone!

    Krista, I LOVE those bins and they would look much prettier than whats going on in this closet now. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  12. AradiaDiane says:

    If you don’t find a survival center to donate to, you can always list the cleaners on your local Freecycle site. They’ll be gone much sooner than a garage sale (unless you have one this weekend!), especially if you label it ‘must take all’. Get it out of your house so you can use that space for something else!

  13. Amy says:

    I have a delicious roll recipe that uses a bread maker for the dough. Ever since I got that recipe I have made rolls at least once a week. LMK if you’d be interested in using your bread machine….A LOT!

    And thank you for your blog! I was going to start re-organizing (again) and wasn’t sure where I was gonna start! I LOVE your everyday challenge idea. When I did it last year I did it room by room….which was a little overwhelming.

  14. Toni says:

    Amy, I would love your recipe. IT will give me something to take my machine out of the closet for! πŸ™‚

  15. Megan says:

    Is that all your wrapping paper? I guess it’s true then; I need an intervention. I couldn’t fit all my wrapping supplies in that closet, let alone the organizer! I am jealous you have a closet like that at all though. I might have to move our coats. I’m kind of sick of having the mop and broom and Swiffer falling all over me in the kitchen!

  16. sabrina says:

    I started unloading my coat/storage/junk closet! It was scary in there…..and now my dining room is a MESS! It might be a bit late by the time I go through all of it and get stuff put back in there!!

  17. Amy says:

    Ok Toni….just beware that they are SUPER DUPER yummy!

    1 and 1/3 cup water
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup or stick of margarine or butter
    1 egg
    4 1/2 cups flour
    4 tbs dry powdered milk
    1 tbs yeast

    Put ingredients into the bread machine in the order listed making sure yeast is on top.
    After the bread machine is finished raising, take dough and shape into 15 (for a large baking pan or more for a cookie sheet) round balls and place in pan. Let raise until doubled. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.
    Butter tops when done cooking! YUM!

  18. Shannon says:

    Finally Finally Finally – it’s the first ‘before’ picture that appears as if you actually have to organize something lol *sticks tongue out* Looks really good after πŸ™‚

  19. Sally says:

    Megan DOES need a wrapping paper intervention. I can vouch for that! My coat closet was bugging me so much a few weeks back, so I had already kicked its butt. I did my best to participate, though! Also, the Cinch is here. I’m sipping a vanilla shake with banana blended in…YUM! I can’t believe this is a SAMPLER! I got a VAT of the powder. A VAT!!!

  20. Toni says:

    Sally, I’m glad you got your cinch… I also just finished my cinch shake too. Yum.

  21. Jenn says:

    Oh wow! I’m so… glad I found your blog! It’s adorable and so… motivating!!! πŸ™‚

    I wanna play along in your challenge, even though it looks like I’ve missed several days. Ugh…

    I’m a happy new follower! Can’t wait to read more…

  22. I never use my bread machine either! It just sits in the basement! Sorry I’ve been MIA…I was in charge of a Pinewood Derby this weekend – BUSY! But I am BACK!

  23. No way. this messy spot was NOT in your house! πŸ˜‰ Looks great!

  24. CAS says:

    Okay, I was just a little bit “gleefully” happy that you actually had a messy spot. Sad but true.

  25. April in CT says:

    Looks awesome! I have a pesky box of cleaners to get rid of too that I’m still adding to as I incorporate better cleaners into our household. I’ve thought about putting them for free on Craig’s List, but I hated to pass on the chemicals that someone else will put out into the environment (which is why I don’t just throw them away) so I found our town has a hazardous waste disposal drop off several months a year and I’ll be doing that. It might be worth looking into if you can’t find another way to get rid of them.

    We’re transferring from CT to CA in a few months so following along with this challenge is giving me great inspiration for all the decluttering and donating I’m doing to prepare for our move!

  26. Julia says:

    Toni, since you turned your coat closet into a cleaner closet, where do you keep your coats?

  27. Toni says:


    I have a peg coat rack in my hall by the garage. Thats where we hang our “used” coats. The rest go in our own closets. πŸ™‚

  28. Organizing a coat closet can really be difficult. It needs patience and systematic skills to get the job done. It is great that you were able to successfully organize yours. Other types of closets Bergen (for example) also need the same amount of patience to have a well maintained storage space.

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