Simply Shaklee Saturday: Shaklee goes to the White House!!

April 2, 2011
{I found this fantastic article online & had to share it with my readers for “Simply Shaklee Saturday”}


The White House “Gets Clean” with Shaklee
“As concerns rise about the environment and new information comes out on health and wellness issues, more and more people are turning to alternative ways of living, or “going green.” “Going green” not only helps reduce environmental waste and pollution, it also raises awareness of what we are putting into our bodies and what surrounds our bodies. Recent studies have found that everyday household products can be more harmful than keeping a loaded gun in the home, and can cause problems from asthma to cancer.
If everyday people are safeguarding their homes against toxic cleaners, then Why not safeguard the most guarded family in the United States? The presidential homes have done just that. In an interview with Barbara Walters prior to his inauguration, President Barack Obama vowed to “green” the White House, including evaluating the mansion’s energy efficiency and turning the lawn into an organic garden. In addition, to protect his oldest daughter Malia from asthma attacks, the President said he would select a natural, 
toxin-free line of cleaning products for The White House staff to use. Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett recently announced that The White House and the Vice President’s residence (known as The Admiral’s House) are now using the Shaklee Get Clean product line.


It is great news that the First and Second Families can now enjoy the benefits of a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly home. The President and Vice President aren’t the only VIPs to enjoy a Shaklee “Get Clean” home. In 2007, Oprah listed the Get Clean starter kit as one of her favorite products. She has featured the products on many of her “green” episodes, including a recent “Going Green” show. Oprah says she’s a big fan of Shaklee’s H2 Organic Super Concentrated Cleaner. “Use a couple of drops of this, and it’s amazing,” she says. “You can clean the windows. You can clean the counters. … You can clean everything!” Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett was first introduced to Shaklee when his son developed asthma. When the family discovered that Barnett’s son had respiratory issues,
Sloan, began investigating what can trigger her son’s condition. Sloan was horrified to find that many household cleaning products, such as bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, floor cleaners and oven cleaners, contain toxic chemicals that can trigger an asthma attack. After throwing out all of their household cleaners, the Barnetts discovered the Shaklee Corporation, a company that had been producing natural cleaning products for 50 years. “We thought they worked terrifically,” Roger says. “The great news is that Spencer has never had to go back to the hospital since we switched our products and that really speaks it all for us.” Roger loved the products so much that he bought the company! At the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards, Shaklee® Get Clean was featured at the first Main Event Red Carpet Lounge & Green Suite. Over one hundred A-list celebrities stopped by the Shaklee booth to check out the Get Clean products. Many of the celebrities had a lot of praise for Shaklee!

               Kimberly Estrada (Lost) “I would love a Starter Kit. I am so excited to also try the laundry products! I love the packaging and can’t wait to get products to try.”
               Chris Harrison (The Bachelor host) “Shaklee has an impressive history with the environment; I am really looking forward to trying these Get Clean products.”
               Cassandra Hepburn (Actress) “I am concerned about the environment, so I use Shaklee products. We can use them in our home. Thank you, Shaklee, for this gift. I
               am so excited and I love the wipes!”
               Olja Hrustic (Spiderman 3) “I am so into the environment. Wow! I cannot wait to try Shaklee’s Get Clean line. We have been making our home “green,” so this is perfect.”
               Heather Marie Marsden (Actress, film and Broadway) “I have been really reading about toxins in the home and I am so happy to have products that I know are safe for my dog’s health and for when I later have children.”
               Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) “My wife will love this! ‘Green’ is really important to her. She will be really happy to get a Starter kit and to get these gifts from Shaklee!”
               Marisol Nichols (24 TV series) “I have been making my home ‘green’ and really feel it is important that we all do make the effort, and I really want my family to be healthy-Wow, how many bottles of window cleaner can Basic H2 make?”
               Melanie Paxson (Notes from the Underbelly) “I really want to try a Get Clean Starter kit. Wow, what a beautiful package and impressive product. I cannot believe how concentrated Basic H2 is– that is fabulous!
               Sally Pressman (Army Wives) “I don’t want to breathe in chemicals in my home. Thank you for these products. I still can’t believe that one bottle of Basic H2 makes all that cleaner; that is amazing.”
               Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless) “My mom is big into the ‘green’ products (mom was with her). We are so happy to find products like yours. We are really aware of our health and want to make our house totally Green. Thank you for sending me a starter kit!”
   Tanya Tucker ( Tuckerville) “I know of Shaklee products, and I love them. Shaklee has been around a long time. I like that.” 

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4 comments on “Simply Shaklee Saturday: Shaklee goes to the White House!!

  1. Kath says:

    Do you have a link to the article Toni? Thanks!

  2. brockey says:

    That is very exciting new. I wish I would of waiting to be a member so I could of taking advantage of the free membership. I love my dryer sheets. I washed my flannel sheets and my they are so soft and I could recycle the dryer sheet when I was done. Love it !!!!!

  3. Toni says:


    I wanted to cite the article, but I could not find the original author. I found this article on many Shaklee blogs. 🙂 I will keep searching.


  4. FiDieYaaa says:

    Hi, your article is very exciting and i have shared ni facebook. Thanks

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