How I organize my paint swatches…

February 2, 2012
While I have been preparing to “decorate” our (soon to come) new home, I have been designing my dream rooms from ideas via pinterest, books, and through clipping magazine inspirations.  I have also been thinking about paint colors for each room.  So I made a trip to Home Depot today to look at some samples.  I don’t have the “designer” paint swatch pallets, so I thought, wow, I can make my own swatch set with a binder clip. I chose the Martha Stewart swatches, since I love her colors.  Now I can refer to them while designing my rooms at home. Now I don’t have to keep making trips to the store every time I change my mind (which is often).  While I was collecting swatches, the paint guy looked at me like I was a little coo-koo.  The funny thing was that my 5 year old was collecting her “Disney” swatches right along side of me. 🙂  Like mother, like daughter. It gave me a good laugh. 
Martha Stewart has the cutest colors. 
Swatches can get out of hand fast (like paper clutter) if you don’t organize them right away.
I organized the swatches with binder rings that I picked up at Walmart. I just punched out holes with my paper punch and organized them by shade. It only took about 10 minutes and will save hours of going back and forth to the paint store in the future.
What is your favorite brand of paint?

Martha Stewart paints have been discontinued. So if there are any colors you like from her line, now is the time to make your swatch collection so you can have those colors in the future.  This saddens me.

24 comments on “How I organize my paint swatches…

  1. I love this and was thinking about doing it this weekend. My color swatches are getting out of hand! While at Home Depot this weekend for the third time to look for colors, the Behr representative was there and told me that Martha Stewart paint has been discontinued!!! 🙁 so sad because I also love all the colors!! Wonder if they will keep the formulas??

    • Anonymous says:

      Just keep the swatch and they can match it in the future just using a different brand of paint. Former HD employee

  2. Kendall says:

    I LOVE Martha Stewart products- she has such adorable stuff! Her paint colors are very unique!

  3. Toni says:

    That is terrible to hear. I have not heard that and they are still selling it at mine. I wonder if its at all home depots? I must research more! Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Toni says:

    Well I guess I have all the swatches so when I need a color match, I have them.

  5. What a brilliant idea Toni! Right now my favourite paint is Benjamin Moore Low VOC paint. I get headaches from strong smells so these ones are great.

    Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is:

  6. Great idea… I will do should see my drawers they are full of paint swatches 🙂 now it is time to organize things

  7. I live in the Indianapolis area and the same thing is happening in our local Home Depot. I grabbed swatches of all of the colors I think I’d ever consider using! They are so beautiful!

  8. Mindo says:

    What a useful tip, thanks!

    And good luck in finding just the right home for your family (and your budget).

  9. Kacey says:

    That’s a fabulous idea! You’re so right about getting them organized right away, before they get out of control. I think that applies to just about anything!

    Hope you find your dream house soon…

  10. Amanda says:

    What a great idea! I need to do this, we will be looking at new homes before we know it, after our bills are all paid off 🙂

  11. Alyssa Ann says:

    Awesome idea!

  12. Jessica says:

    great idea! I wish I had thought of that when we bought our house 3 years ago. We were swimming in paint swatches! BTW… my 5 year old LOVES collecting the Disney paint swatches too. She has to get them every time we visit Home Depot. 🙂

  13. defaziolinda says:

    I love Benjamin Moore paints. Such wonderful colors. I use Tree Moss in the living room and entrance way. Linen White in the rest of the rooms.

    I love your blog! I’m using a lot of your tips to make me more organized! Blessings, Linda

  14. Great idea!!! I personally lOve Sherwin Williams paint. They have a great selection, HGTV colors, and color matching.

  15. Jen C. says:

    I am enjoying your blog and have signed on to follow! Thanks for your very helpful and lemony posts! 🙂

  16. So happy to have found your site! Looking forward to being a regular reader!! PS ~ we recently had several rooms painted, and my daughter had a blast “selecting” colors right alongside me as well. 🙂

  17. I use this method for my paint swatches already and it makes searching so much easier! I just stumbled across your blog and have become a follower and look forward to reading your future posts.

  18. April Lou says:

    I just ordered a whole bunch of paint samples from Ben Moore. We painted my son’s room in a different brand and said never again. I will stick with them!

  19. Mrs.B says:

    Such a simple, great idea…mine are all over the place.

  20. you know home depot is discontinuing carry the Martha line, right? I’ve been buying up sample sizes for 50 cents. My favorite however is Sherwin Williams color collections. I absolutely adore Peppercorn from the color pizzazz collection. totally digging the grey right now.

  21. Nirupama says:

    I love ralph lauren paints. They are a bit more expensive, but you really only need one coat so you only need to buy half as much paint.

  22. Lizzy says:

    I just went to the hardware store and started my color book. I have to say, it felt really weird grabbing all of those cards! I only did about a quarter of the colors I wanted, because I felt so awkward. I’ll head back to the store and finish in a few days…

  23. I only keep the paint chips that I decide to use. Then I tape them to a piece of copy paper & put in a sheet protector in my idea notebook. Your idea is great though for those still searching for that just right color! I personally LOVE Behr Paint & Primer. Worth every penny!

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