A BIG favor…

August 9, 2012
My teenage daughter begged me to add this link to my page. She really wants to win one direction tickets. So, if you feel my pain… (LOL), please click for her. Thats all you have to do is click on the link below. You can do it every 15 minutes. I know, its on the top of your list of things to do all day. 🙂 

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO HELP Alex win a trip to see OD!!!

I can kind of relate to her… I was a huge fan of New Kids on the Block, I mean HUGE!  She is the same way with O.D.  Its driving me nuts!! lol.

16 comments on “A BIG favor…

  1. 124 clicks so far 🙂

  2. Done, good luck, hope she wins. Hugs, Marty

  3. Feeling your pain so I clicked. Good luck to your daughter.

  4. Rhianna says:

    Ohh I remember that feeling :). I’ll keep clicking while I’m online – good luck!

  5. Robbie says:

    Done, Good Luck. We saw them in June and the concert was pretty good.

  6. awww…you’re a good mum.
    I clicked too 🙂

  7. wa ha!! Yay for another mom of a 1D girl. My husband waited in line overnight with my daughter and her 2 friends for the meet and greet at MOA. Stellar guy that one! Voted! And told my daughter and her friends to vote…good luck!

  8. Janine says:

    I clicked! We went to the 1D concert here in Miami over the summer and already have tix to the 2013 concert. Today my daughter took her senior pics, you have to click the link so you can see her silly pic, you will appreciate it (she is hoping Niall will too, LOL).



  9. Lisa says:

    I hope she gets to go to see them! You’re such a good mum for sharing!

  10. Jacey says:

    I scrolled on past the link being super lazy until I saw you mentioned NKOTB. If she feels the way I did about NKOTB, then I can’t not help a girl out. P.S. I still own a greatest hits cd 🙂

  11. JTWOrganizes says:

    I live with a teenager who has tickets to the sold out show NEXT June in Nashville… I feel your pain!! 🙂

  12. 343. I have two girls, 3 and 6 weeks. Is this really what I get to look forward to? 🙂

  13. I clicked for you, I feel your pain, but I have a niece who is into Justin Barfarama (sorry that’s what I call him) and another into One direction, and sadly those are the older ones, there are 3 more …..OY…I loved NKOTB too, a coworker goes to their concerts still…I don’t think we were this bad ….were we?

  14. marisa says:

    Clicked! Just took my kids to see them and got to meet them too! They were so sweet. Ok HUGE NKOTB fan too! Saw them a few years ago and it cracked me up all us moms there. Hope she wins!

  15. You tell your daughter she is one lucky girl. I’m clicking as often as I can remember to 🙂 When my daughter (or son) is wanting this in a few years, I hope my blog followers will do the same.

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