31 days of instagram… Day 2 – Morning Rituals

October 2, 2012
“A day in the life of an organizing blogger”!

Day #2 – Morning rituals…

Every morning I wake up bright and early, around 6:30 am.  We get the kids off to school and then its time for work!  Im blessed to be able to work from home, blogging about organizing & decorating!   My morning ritual is usually spent answering emails, messages, and drinking a hot cup of joe… and then its time to blog. 

Do you have an morning ritual?

6 comments on “31 days of instagram… Day 2 – Morning Rituals

  1. Barbara F. says:

    Sounds like mine, but mine starts much later. I thought you were a nurse, where did I get that notion? xo

  2. Barbara, I am a nurse… Just taking some time off since we have moved. 😉 Im really enjoying blogging though!!


  3. treesy says:

    Can I ask what brand of brewer that is? Doesn’t appear to be Keurig.

  4. Treesy, Its a breville. 😉

  5. I put coffee and water in the night before so in the morning I just switch on the coffee maker, then I read my Bible and give myself a long time to wake up. Not a morning person 🙂

  6. vikki says:

    My morning ritual includes receiving your blog by email… a cup of coffee…yes I love it!

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