Home Organization 101 Revisited – Week 9 “The Dining Room”

March 1, 2013

Welcome to week 9 of Home Organization 101 Revisited.  This week we will be organizing our dining rooms. Its great timing since Easter is in one month.  Many of you will be cooking feasts and having family over for dinner.  To get your assignment and see my dining room, visit my post (here).  Good luck. This week is rewarding since dinner is the most important meal of the day.  We need to create a warm and inviting dining room to share this time with our families.


dining room



2 comments on “Home Organization 101 Revisited – Week 9 “The Dining Room”

  1. Heather Lowrie says:

    Hi there – I am a new follower -and am in love with this blog – it is my favorite – by far. I am not and have never been an organized person – but I want to be. 🙂 A little overwhelmed about where to start – any suggestions of where I can look on this blog to get started – I want to transform my life – and my families life too – I have a 10 year old – 8 year old – and 2 year old (which means I can only get things done during naptime – which is about 2 hours each day). So glad you are here – and that I have this blog as my foundation! Thanks, Heather

  2. susan says:

    Wondering if you have anything posted on organizing tuperwear/rubermaid/lids containers?
    I seem to struggle with what is best to store it all in. I had it in a large deep drawer, but it turned to a mess very quickly and i found that it was a waste of an amazing deep drawer!
    I now have it on a shelf, but seems to fall apart there too!
    With kids helping with dishes duty I need something practical!!
    Any help would be amazing!

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