How to create springtime magnets…

March 28, 2013


Spring is here (at least for some of us in the South)! Our grass is green and we’ve already mowed a few times – need to mow again this weekend. My flower beds are starting to fill with blooms – the fragrance is so sweet! Some of that sweetness needs to be brought inside! While working on wrapping up our pantry/laundry room update, I decided my command center needed a little Spring touch, too.


DIY Magnets 2, Created by ItsOverflowing


I picked up Super Strong Magnets and a package of butterfly sprigs from a craft store so I could make some really cute Butterfly Magnets!


Colorful Butterflies 1, Created by ItsOverflowing


I used wire cutters to trim off the wire completely and then used the tip of the pliers to dull any edge that may have remained.




The butterflies each had a small hole on the backside — perfect for a magnet. I used a hot glue gun to secure the magnet. I squeezed a dot of glue in the hole, pressed the magnet firmly on the glue (allowing the glue to spread out underneath the magnet — it dried very quickly). You could use super glue instead if you already have it on hand — apply a thin layer of the glue to the magnet, then press the magnet firmly onto the item. Let the super glue to dry thoroughly before using — washing off any glue residue off immediately.


DIY Magnets 4, Created by ItsOverflowing


Here’s the fun update! Screaming Spring and super easy. Speaking of Spring — my birthday is fast approaching and I am dying to make a trip to one of my favorite stores that just so happened to send me a birthday card with savings code this week (pictured below)! Happy shopping for me!


DIY Magnets 5, Created by ItsOverflowing


I’m finishing up my laundry room and pantry! The bulletin board above is my favorite feature in the room, it’s totally helping me keep up with our busy schedule — and now it’s PRETTY!


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6 comments on “How to create springtime magnets…

  1. Jen in Jersey (soon to be Texas!) says:

    Have you had any problems with the magnets pulling out from the glue? I’ve tried using these super strength magnets to hang all kinds of things, but have yet to find a glue that will hold for a long time. I started with hot glue then tried super glue and then E6000, nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks. Apparently I need a magnet to hold the magnet! 😀

  2. Angel says:

    these are so cute, what a great idea, I will need to go to the craft store to pick up a few, my kids will love them

  3. ahhhh oh so purdy!! love em!

  4. Tia says:

    Awesome idea! I love these. I think i need to invest in a hot glue gun.

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