Home Organization 101: Week 6 “The Master Bedroom (Season 3)

July 6, 2013
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Master bedroom organization begins today.  We are now in week 6 of Home Organization 101.  You have made it this far. Don’t give up now.  Get your bedroom organized and create an oasis for you to relax at the end of the day.  It’s time to clear the clutter!



WEEK #6 – The Master Bedroom


This week we are cleaning and organizing our master bedrooms.  I am certain that many of you have not organized this space in a while, right?  Do you have “stuff” shoved under the bed, in the drawers, and clothes laying wherever there is an open space?  If you said yes, you most definitely need this week. I challenge you to clean your bedroom from top to bottom, organize it, and finally create the ‘sanctuary’ you have always wanted.  Your master bedroom should be your place for relaxation, not stress.   We are NOT cleaning out the closet this week… only the bedroom.




My motto for the master bedroom is “less is more”.  Keep this in mind when cleaning & organizing this space.


1. Take a picture of your space before you start.  (Share it on our fb group page).
2. Find 5 laundry baskets/boxes and label them with a piece of paper…
Keep – Everything that stays in the room.
Trash – Things that need tossed in the trash.
Donate – Everything that you are donating or giving to someone else.
Clothes – ALL clothes that stay in the room.
Other – Everything that goes to another room in the house.
3.  Concentrating on one hot spot at a time, empty the space completely.
Under the bed – Pull everything out and sort it into the baskets. This space should be empty!
Dresser drawers – Pull out all of the clothes and empty onto the bed. Go through each piece of clothing.  Does it fit? Do you still wear it?  If not, donate it! Fold and place the clothes back into the drawers (like items together).
Night Stands – Empty out the drawers and the top. Clean it off, wipe it down, and only put back the necessities back!
Dresser top – Clean it off, going through each item thats on there.  Sort though using the “basket system”.  Wipe down and put back only necessary items.  This is a clutter hot spot. This is the first area people notice when walking into the bedroom! Try to keep it clean.
All other hot spots in the room – Using the “basket system” go through whats left of the room.
4.  Clean – This is the perfect time to deep clean your bedroom… Clean the windows, door knobs, baseboards, vacuum, dust…  Wash the bed linens, curtains, bed skirt… Give it a good cleaning.
5. Once its all clean, you are ready for the fun part!  Its time to organize!  This is the important step if you want to keep your room clean. Use baskets and bins to place “like” items together, around the room.
6.  Thats it. You’re finished!  Now go light a candle and enjoy your sanctuary!





I purchased our bed at Ikea.  I love it!


The curtain panels are 96″ from Ikea as well.  The blinds are from Home Depot.


I love my Broyhill (Attic Heirlooms) bedroom set.  It matches well with the bed.



 I try to keep the dresser clear of clutter. The baskets, from target, are used for my perfume, candles,  and e readers.  The dresser can be the biggest clutter magnet in the room.  Try to keep it nicely organized.



Our e-readers fit well inside the basket.

Candles and Scentsy bars are stored in here.


My bedside table is organized for my personal needs.  I like to read at bedtime, so I keep some books on the bottom shelf.  I purchased these bedside tables for $79 each at Big Lots.  It took me forever to find them to match my dresser & armoire.  Organize your night stand for your needs!



I keep my magazines on the left side and my ipad on the right.


Using a drawer organizer for the night stand helps to keep things neat and tidy… and prevents it from becoming a junk drawer! Its perfect for my “night time” toiletries, etc…   You can find them (here).


I love these ceramic egg organizers. I have another one of them in my office (here).  They can be purchased in my store (here).


I love my books all neat and organized & within reach.


This is our bedroom “entertainment” center.  I found this buffet dresser on Craigs List for $60!!  It fits the flat screen perfectly.  My yoga mats go into this wire basket for easy access.



I keep all of our music cds & movies organized by genre in here.



My husbands office is through these french doors.  Decorating his room is one of my future projects to share with you.  The office-man cave!



I always have the “ginger” bar burning in my bedroom scentsy warmer.



I love decorating with vintage market baskets.


Using baskets in the bedroom keeps it looking neat and most importantly organized!  CONTAINERIZE your room.


My striped pillows (in front) are from Target. They are on clearance now.  My quilt set is Ralph Lauren, from Marshalls, and the navy ticking duvet set is Pottery Barn.




The bedding looks royal blue in the pictures but its not. Its a deep navy blue.


Remember to take everything out from under the bed.   If this space is cleared out, you will feel much better about your room. I promise.



Just remember:  Purge, simplify, containerize, organize, and beautify!!!  You will do great!

Happy Organizing!

19 comments on “Home Organization 101: Week 6 “The Master Bedroom (Season 3)

  1. Michelle says:

    Great master bedroom. So fresh & organized! I love the baskets on your dresser and the tray inside the bedside table drawer. Great tips!!

  2. Josi Silverman says:

    This is beautiful! I’ve recently moved from a large house to a smaller one. My bedroom is tight, but is everything a bedroom should be. I’m learning to downsize in every room.

  3. Kathy Long says:

    Perfect timing. This was already on my to do list to start today. Now I have a plan on how to attack 8t. I will be sure to share some pictures.

  4. Nena says:

    Love it! Hopefully I can get our master bedroom de-junked! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I LOVE it! You are so inspirational!
    Simple, Clean, Organized = A restful Haven!
    Now I need to go work on ours!!

  6. Our bedroom could definitely use some organization. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  7. This is just what I needed! My bedroom is somewhat organized, but it’s definitely not my sanctuary. I would love to completely organize it and make it more comfortable. I still haven’t properly decorated it since I moved in. It’s too stark and white.

  8. Your master bedroom looks so nice, clean and organized! I have to work on my home’s master bedroom, so it looks more like yours!

  9. Hilary Cook says:

    I am almost afraid to take this challenge. My husband and I are stuck in the next biggest room of the house, which is ridiculously small because my mother had the master bedroom. I feel like a candidate for that Combined Spaces show, or whatever their name was. Do you have any pointers for me?

    • Rachel says:

      less is more and take baby steps or you may find yourself getting over-whelmed. Go UP- add shelves either units or floating to add storage space. under the bed can be used for clothing, shoes, blankets and so much more.

    • Allison says:

      We gave our kids the master room, as between my husband’s girls and my child, there are more of them than there are of us. 😉 We have a 10×13, which includes the closet. We each have a low, three drawer dresser that stays IN the closet, and our shirts etc. hand above them. There is a shelf in the closet overhead where I have bins containing sewing repairs (which I don’t do VERY much sewing) and totes with my best “fat” clothes and “skinny” clothes. There is the bed, a short “secretary” for office supplies that doubles as a nightstand for my husband’s lamp and alarm clock. I have a tall chimney style cabinet that mostly is empty.. or full of reading that needs doing, or an extra blanket for me if I get cold. I also have my 1954 Singer sewing machine cabinet in there, with a swag lamp above it. A long bench by the door… All in a 10×13 space. It is not cluttered or cramped feeling. Small space? You can do it! You just have to find the right pieces. (To keep our clothes under control, I have a weird colored clothes hanger with a tag on it with the date for a year from now written on it. Then, I shove all of the clothes back, as far as I can, behind this marked hanger. Then, as I wear something and it goes through the wash, I place it on the clear and open side of the hanger. That means that when the year is over, everything that is still shoved to the back behind that marked hanger is stuff that I didn’t use once for the whole year. I sort that stuff that never was worn all year and get rid of it! 😉 Long story. LOL

  10. I love the books on your nightstand. I LOVED Divergent. And I’ve got Passions (Fallen, # 3) by Lauren Kate in my possession…just haven’t read it yet. Great post.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  11. I love useful, practical posts like this! I definitely need to contain the chaos in my room. Sleeping with clutter means less peaceful, truly restful sleep. I feel energized and motivated now! Gonna go buy me some more baskets!

  12. Penny says:

    I love the bedroom. I have a problem with where to put my comforter at night. It is too heavy to leave on the bed at night. It is quite bulky. I’ve been leaving it off of the bed and storing it in my closet but the bed does not look “finished” without it. Anyone have any ideas what to do with it at night (other than putting it on the floor). Help please!!!

  13. Ashleigh says:

    Hi love your blog and have been going through posts for days! Very inspired. Where did you get the wreath that hangs above your bed from? I love it thanks

    • Rachel says:

      many of the home decor items in Toni’s house come from stores such as Target, Home Goods, World Market and Marshall’s

  14. Lanell says:

    I’m so excited, hubs decided to purchase new bedroom carpet last weekend and I decided this is the perfect time to paint over the plain white walls and get rid of the oak trim. This is also the perfect time to organize as we already have to remove everything from the room. Yay! Will definitely use some of your organizing ideas, I especially love the baskets on the dresser!

  15. Beth says:

    Your bedroom looks so cozy and inviting. I am going up to finish what I started in the master yesterday, and I had already planned on cleaning the attached master bath today (its not on the ABFOL schedule but its on mine) 🙂 Love the furniture!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I have the same Broyhill dresser and bedroom set – it is my favorite part of my house :)… love it all and love knowing there are others as basket crazy as I am!

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