Home Organization 101 – Week 10 “The Mudroom/Entryway” (Season 3)

August 3, 2013

Welcome to week #10 of Home Organization 101, season 3. This week we are cleaning up and organizing our mudrooms or entry ways. Your goal for the week is to create a dedicated space in your home for your shoes, coats, bags, keys and cell phones. If you don’t have a mudroom, you can use a corner near the door or a hall closet. There are more ideas below. Keep reading…

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Mudrooms are all the rave these days. Even if you don’t live in colder climates, mudrooms are being built in new homes as a standard feature. If your home is older and you don’t have a mudroom, you will learn “how to fake a mudroom” today!  I think they are a must for families with children.

My challenge for you this week is to create a dedicated mudroom “space” in your home, where you can hang coats, & store shoes, gloves, keys and bags.  If you don’t have a mudroom, choose from one of the examples below.



  • Armoire
  • Closet
  • Entry wall
  • Laundry Room
  • Foyer
  • Corner
  • Garage


What you will need to create a mudroom “space”


  • Baskets
  • Hooks, etc.
  • Bench or cubbies
  • Dedicated space close to the door
  • A place for your keys & cell phones


Use your imagination when creating a mudroom “space” for your family.  Make it your own style. Make it function for you. DONT FORGET TO TAKE A “BEFORE” PICTURE OF YOUR SPACE.




(The natural lighting in my mudroom is very poor. There are no windows so the coloring may be off a bit. I dont like to use flash with my pictures.)



Use baskets to store cold weather accessories, pet stuff, and extra shoes.



Our home was built with a “technology cabinet”.  We charge our cell phones & Ipads here. We made copies of all the keys for the house & store them here as well.



Dog accessories hang right by the door for easy access.





The technology cabinet.



Keep copies of all keys in your mudroom.  If a family member needs one, they know where to find them, even if you are not home.





These hooks are for guests.








Where did I get my stuff?

Hooks – Home Depot or cheaper ones (here)

Baskets – Target

Dog stuff – Pet Smart (Martha Stewart)

Dog food can – Home Goods

Number tags – Local Store

Key organizers – Big Lots or (here)

“This is the life” picture – Go Jump in the Lake

Light – Wayfair 

In my old home, I created a mudroom “space” by my front door. I didnt have a mudroom or a foyer, so I had to make do.  Here is my old mudroom space.


Spaces where you can create a mudroom:


Laundry room



 Armoire by the door

 Kitchen corner





One comment on “Home Organization 101 – Week 10 “The Mudroom/Entryway” (Season 3)

  1. Love your mudroom! I just have a small space by my home’s front door, and I am always trying to make it more organized.

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