How To Organize Your Scarves

September 18, 2014

Scarves are my newest addiction.

I used to be intimidated by these beauties, but now I’m a promoter. (And I’m not really the promoting type.)

How To Organize Your Scarves

Basically a scarf can make an outfit. And this is coming from the girl who swears by neutrals and prefers any item of clothing that doesn’t require a bit of ironing. (I’m telling you a scarf can seriously take an outfit from basic to BAM!)

When I finally embraced scarves it was easy for me to organize my few scarves by simply tossing them into a little basket in my closet.

However, as my scarf addiction grew, my little basket wasn’t working so well anymore. My scarves were getting wrinkly and the basket was a big overgrown mess. So I needed to come up with another organizing solution, and fast.

Which is about the time when I stumbled upon this product, and I knew that I had found my answer!

How to Organize Scarves

This is an IKEA product that is actually located in their bath department. It is called “Enudden” and is really intended to be used as a towel rack for a bathroom. But it didn’t take me long to realize it would work perfectly and would easily tuck into the corner of my bedroom – as my new scarf organizer!

How to Organize Scarves

It currently holds 11 of my scarves and I’m sure that I have room for many more, hint, hint to my hubby….

You could probably easily hang about 20 scarves on this bath towel rack, turned scarf organizer.

How to Organize Scarves

Here’s why this organizing system works so well for me:

  • It is so easy to access each scarf (there is no wrestling to get a scarf on or off of the rack).
  • I can see all of my scarves at once (no more digging through a basket of wrinkly scarves).
  • The rack can either be tucked into a corner of a room or a closet, as a little piece of art!
  • The knobs on each side are used to hold my longer necklaces and my sun hat.

How to Organize Scarves

How to Organize Scarves

If you are not on the scarf train yet, it’s time for you to join me!

Let’s keep our outfits stylish and avoid any scarf ironing whatsoever with this simple organizing solution. And if you’re wanting even more inspiration, stop on over to Morganize With Me, to see what else I’ve been working on.


Share with me…have you joined the scarf train yet? And if so, how many scarves do you own? 


Hi! I'm Morgan, the energetic and motivated, but also realistic girl, behind Morganize with Me. My mission is to share tried and true techniques that I hope will encourage my readers and clients as they focus on their health and homes. I believe in simplifying, prioritizing, and measuring progress one day at a time. When I'm not blogging, organizing, or exercising, I can be found cooking a simple dinner or spending time with my sweet family. My life is full and fun and somewhat messy too. A motto that I hold near and dear to my heart, is that less IS more. Unless, of course, there is an opportunity for another Chai Tea Latte or I'm shopping at Target.

9 comments on “How To Organize Your Scarves

  1. Stacey says:

    what a great idea! as another recent scarf convert I’m looking for ideas as well. that looks like it would be great for my lightweight quilts too. I tried to find it online but can’t seem to locate that rack – I see other things in the Enudden line, but not that. Guess I’ll have to sacrifice and take a trip to Ikea to find it.

    ps – love the knit scarf in the upper left.

  2. Kendra says:

    this is a great idea, but it wouldn’t work for me because i don’t like to fold my scarves like that, i want them to hang as they are hanging in the very top row. I have more scarves you can shake a stick at after having chemo for breast cancer and losing my hair, my scarves have now become my hair 🙂 I’m still trying to find the right solution as to where to hang all my scarves.

  3. I am embarrassed to say that I have about 80 so I might need about 4 or 5 of those 🙂 I put my winter scarves away during the warmer months…that is a great way to store them if you have a “normal person” amount though 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    I too love scarves but I use shower curtain rings to store my collection. I put the rings on a coat hanger and thread the scarves through them (the rings). Doing this I am able to colour code – all blue scarves together etc.

  5. Dicksi says:

    I have way too many scarves but can’t part with any! I keep them organized in large hat boxes. Not the best system, but works for now. I like yours because they’re out and easy to see & grab. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Natalie says:

    That looks so great! I have way too many scarves for that to work for me, so I bought one of the those over the door organisers (the one with all the hooks) and looped each of my scarves through shower curtain rings and onto the hooks. So neat and tucks nicely out of sight :).

  7. That looks great! I love scarves, too. My collection is growing and I could use a new way to store them. Thanks for the idea!

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