2023 Home Organization Challenge Kit

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year, friends! We are headed into the 12th year of our Home Organization challenge. Every year just gets better and better. As with last year, I will be sharing the weekly challenges on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a more interactive way for us to complete the challenges together. The challenge will begin on Saturday, January 7th. And for the next 14 weeks, I will share a new challenge for you to complete. I hope you’ll join me, to clear the clutter from your home and give it a good cleaning.

The Challenge Kit: Before you begin, print out the free challenge kit. This year, I am offering a brand new kit. It’s more streamlined and easy to follow. You can print from Google Drive here or Dropbox here.

The Goal: Our goal for the challenge, is not only to help you organize, but to help you remove the things from your home that you don’t use or need. I don’t want you to organize all the things, just to take Instagram worthy pictures of color coded items you no longer have a need for. Don’t get me wrong, I love an organized home and I want your home to be organized. But we need to dig deeper into the challenge and ask ourselves why we have all of these things we keep re-organizing each year. Do we use everything or are we holding on to it “just in case”? Are we keeping it because we spent so much money on it or because it belonged to our beloved family member that has since passed away? Things don’t define us or control our memories. They are just inanimate objects. An open and free space and a peaceful mind is the goal, not rainbow colored rows of t-shirts or boxes of memories we will never use or see. When we remove the un-necessary, we make room for what really matters. 

The Process: Like last year, I am sharing each weekly challenge on social media. You can find me @abowlfulloflemons on Facebook or Instagram. You can also refer back to the blog, for organizing inspiration and to see photos of my home that will help you stay on track.

Join the Challenge: You don’t need to “sign up” to join the challenge. To actively participate in the challenge, here is what you can do.

  1. Print out the challenge kit (above) and prepare for the challenge using the checklist I have provided to you.
  2. For extra help, you can purchase the challenge companion guide, The Complete Book of Home Organization. It contains the challenge schedule, all the steps to complete each challenge, tips, tricks, inspiration photos, and so much more. Take it one step further and purchase the Home Refresh Collection Gift Set. It includes both The Complete Book of Home Organization AND The Complete Book of Clean. 
  3. Complete the 14 weekly challenges every Saturday or at your own pace.
  4. Share your progress on social media, using the hashtag #abfolchallenge, and tag @abowlfulloflemons in your posts.
  5. Follow @abowlfulloflemons on Instagram and Facebook, to follow my weekly posts.
  6. Join the challenge group on Facebook, to ask questions and see how everyone else is doing during the challenge. 
  7. To see more about some of the products I use to keep my house tidy, click here.

I can’t wait to see your progress on the annual challenge and the impact it will have on your lives. Are you ready to clear the clutter? Let’s do this! Our first challenge begins on 1/7. Enjoy the New Year and relax a little, before the work begins on Saturday.


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