Book Club Pick- August 2013 | A Bowl Full of Lemons

Book Club Pick- August 2013

A Bowl Full of Lemons Book Club

As we wrap up our July selection with our online discussion on July 31st at 8pm EST. (We use GOODREADS  for all of our discussions),  we’ll bring the summer to a close when we dive into a wonderful book about love, loss and the magic of friendship. As we crack open the cover of Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, author of the New York Times bestseller On Mystic Lake, we hope that you’ll join us!  For more interaction with fellow bookclub members, please join the Facebook group <HERE>



Firefly lane


Firefly Lane  is available for purchase <HERE>

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  1. Great choice.This is one of my favorite books.

  2. Will definitely be reading this! Shame I won’t be able to join the book club due to my GMT+1 time zone though hehe. Thank you for the suggestion :)

  3. Firefly Lane is an awesome book! The novel Fly Away is actually the sequel to this book.

  4. I just picked this book up at a library book sale. Excited to join in!

  5. Fast summer reading gets you from first page

  6. I’m glad I went to lunch BEFORE reading the last several chapters of this book. My eyes are red and my nose dripping. Excellent story and writing.