Home Organization 101 – Week 8 “Kids Closets” (Season 3)

July 20, 2013

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Week 8 of our challenge begins today. We are organizing our kids closets. Now is the perfect time to do this since school is starting in just a month!! Lets get their closets ready to go. Have fun organizing!!



This week we are concentrating on closets, and in particular, kids closets. If you do not have children, you should organize another closet in your home.  This is a pretty simple week so take it easy!



1. Take a pictures before you start.

2. Empty out the entire closet… on to the bed.

3. Vacuum or mop the floor and dust the shelves.

4. Now label 5 baskets/bins for sorting (fits now, bigger sizes, giveaway, other room, trash).

5. Sort through everything that was in the space. Only keep what your child wears now or will wear soon. Place clothes that do not fit yet into a rubbermaid tote or basket and place up high so your chid will not go through it and mess it up.  This is only sorting. You will organize next…

6. If you are going to use decorative baskets to organize the space, label them according to your childs needs. Mine are labeled: Dance, gymnastics, vacation, pajamas, and summer/winter (I have 2 tags on this basket and switch them out as the season changes). As I go shopping, I will place things that are not ready to be worn yet into that basket.  If you need labels, let me know and I will email them to you.

7. After you are finished sorting, take the “trash” to the curb, place the “giveaways” in a trash bag and put in you trunk, place the “other room” in the hallway until you are finished with the closet, and keep the final baskets (the clothes that your child will wear) by your side.  Its time to organize!!

8. Use baskets & bins to organize things that do not need to hang (Dont forget to use tags).  Use shoe organizers to keep shoes looking neat and in good shape. Color coordinate clothes.  They look much nicer that way. Separate by type of clothing. (Short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, jackets, etc.)

9. You’re finished. Now take a picture and share them with our facebook group.






 I use a closet “doubler”(like this one) so my daughter can reach her clothes.  Of course it doubles closet space too!



 A shoe organizer keeps those messy pile ups from happening at the bottom of the closet. If there is no free space, there are no pile ups!

 I use this shoe organizer for flip flops. Her flip flops are all being used now and are in the mudroom. But this is where they are typically stored.  Any over the door shoe organizer works well.

 Long sleeves go up top. Once it gets colder, I will switch the short sleeve to top and long sleeve to the bottom rack.

 I used the same tags in my Linen Closet.


 Using the same style/color hangers keeps it uniform looking and organized!

Organizing tools for “Kids Closets”…

1. Shoe organizer

2. Colorful bins

3. “Create a pole” closet doubler

4. Tags



Happy Organizing!

10 comments on “Home Organization 101 – Week 8 “Kids Closets” (Season 3)

  1. Melissa says:

    What do you do with all the board games? We do NOT have the extra closet space in another part of the house, so each child’s games go in their room.

  2. Ellen Brown says:

    I am loving your clean out / overhaul series. Do you have anything for the attic?

    • Rachel says:

      Toni hasn’t shared her attic. She claims it at ‘her husbands space with nothing but boxes in it’… nothing very exciting.

  3. Emilie Gate says:

    Firstly, I love your blog. It has helped to to bring order into the chaos! Could you tell me what you do with the children’s socks/underwear etc? And also where you got the shelving in the wardrobe? Thanks!

    • Rachel says:

      the metal shelves can be purchased at your local home improvement store, the shelves for the shoes can be found at Walmart, Target or like stores.

      • Emilie Gate says:

        What happens to all the socks and underwear for the children? If I can find a home for these I can get rid of a large item of furniture!

        • Rachel says:

          If you’re looking to get rid of the dressers, you could use pull out drawers or bins that fit under the beds. Bins on a bookshelf (or other shelving unit) would also be a great place to stash those items

  4. Clara Escalante says:

    What are sizes to the colorful bins on top of the closet? I am trying to figure out which ones to use for my sons closet. Thank you.

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