Organized Project Board

August 20, 2016


Project Board


Managing a household, blog, family, and finances can be difficult at times.  I constantly try to prioritize and multitask, as do most moms. Using a planner has helped tremendously, but since I’m a visual person, I needed something else that will remind me of what needs done day to day.  I have a lot of projects and tasks to manage and I finally found the answer – A Project Board!


Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


My inspiration for this project came from’s office organization video here. My board is not nearly as polished as Alejandra’s but it works for me.


Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Using Post-It Notes, I categorized all of my projects, blog tasks, finances, to do’s, etc. As I complete a task, I cross it off with a black marker. (I blurred out some private & not yet revealed blog information. Stay tuned!)


Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons 7


I keep my supplies in an acrylic tray from TJ Maxx.
Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


I color code the categories with sticky notes. If you do this, remember that quality counts! The darker green sticky notes below are an “off brand”. As you can see, they don’t stick very well. I have re-hung them several times. I ‘m on the hunt for a dark green Post-it Brand sticky note to replace them.


Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


The bins below have nothing to do with my project board but since I will have questions, I want to address them. I store office supplies, photo printers, paperwork and more in them. They are the Better Homes and Gardens brand from Walmart. The white organizer is from Ikea.


Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


I use magazine organizers to store papers upright.


Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


So that’s my project board. I have been using it for about two weeks and I can honestly say that it has helped me stay on track and organized with my schedule and time management. It also makes work fun! I love crossing off completed tasks.

Organized Project Board via A Bowl Full of Lemons


If you want to create a project board, here are the supplies you’ll need:

Happy Organizing,


10 comments on “Organized Project Board

  1. Vijay kapoor says:

    Well planned day to day organizer makes way for other tasks easier.
    Liked article.
    Vijay kapoor

  2. Kanban says:

    You may want to read about kanban, a management system devised by toyota that works in a similar fashion only more by collating the notes by completion phase. There are even apps that do this but obviously the paper method is best especially for the big board view

  3. Lisa says:

    You should think about Trello Toni. It’s free so it’ll save you a fortune and it’s cloud based so you’ll have it with you everywhere you go and on every device. You can share your boards with the family so they can contribute too and you’ll get reminders when things are due. It’s a thousand times more reliable and efficient than post-its

  4. Carol says:

    Love your project board, as I am visual also. I also love the bins but Wal Mart doesn’t have them available anymore! Have been searching for blue bins for a couple of months and can’t find any.

  5. Leta says:

    Hi there,
    Love your sticky board idea! Would you mind telling me all your headings at the top? Also, wondering why you ‘X’ out your completed tasks vs just pulling them off?

  6. Love this simple but very effect tip. Now I’ve setup one at home and one in office.

    Thank you.

  7. Mandie Robinso says:

    I LOVE this! I’m working on mine right now. What headings did you use? Sometimes it helps to know what someone else did as a jumping off point to create one.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love this! I’m going to do something similar with all my craft projects. Thanks!

  9. Andrea Urban says:

    What Mandie said ^^^^ I’d love to know your categories…. even some of the non-secret tasks. Thanks for sharing!

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