2018 Home Organization Challenge: Week 14 Garage

April 7, 2018


Hi friends. Congratulations! You have made it to the last week of the 2018 Home Organization Challenge. Now you’re ready to finish it off with a clean garage. Give your garage the much needed attention it needs this week.  Thank you for joining me this year on the challenge. I hope it has been a rewarding experience for you.


Garage Organization via A Bowl Full of Lemons


If you’re just joining us, print out the schedule and checklists below and begin on the current week. For encouragement, join our Home Organization Facebook community to share your progress, or struggles, or questions. Or simply look through the photos and read how others are doing.


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For the perfect companion guide to our challenge, purchase The Complete Book to Home Organization. It includes all 14 weekly challenges as well as a ton of inspiration and tips about the spaces we will be organizing. No need to log onto the computer for ideas, this manual has it all!


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If you need more guidance on cleaning your house, be sure to pick up The Complete Book of Cleanfollow.  It has tons of tips and checklists that will teach you how to get your homes sparkling clean.



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1. PREPARE – Call your local charity organization ahead of time to schedule a pick up. Gather several boxes, bins and trash bags. Label boxes to sort items: keep, donate, trash, house.

2. SORT – Sort through everything in the garage. Empty it out completely (weather permitting), going through one item at a time, and placing it in the designated bin or box.

3. CLEAN – Once you’ve sorted trough everything, the garage should be empty. At this point you can sweep, leaf blow, or hose down the floor. This is an important step. You don’t want to organize a dirty garage. If you have a problem with spiders or ants,  you can spray the perimeter of the garage with insecticide. Living in the south, we have to do this every three months.

4. ORGANIZE – Once you have sorted through everything and cleaned, its time to set up a system of organization. Label plastic totes to contain items that will remain in the garage. Place the organized bins and boxes back into the garage. Hang things on wall hooks.  Try to keep everything up off the ground. Spiders like to hide behind stuff on the ground and so does dust.


Garage Organization via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Here are several blog posts that will inspire you to get your garage organized.

Take a few days this week to clean out and organize the Garage. Purge as much as you can. Share your progress on Instagram using the hash tag #abfolchallenge, blog about the weekly challenges, and  share your before and after pictures over at my Home Organization group here.  Thanks for joining me this year!



6 comments on “2018 Home Organization Challenge: Week 14 Garage

  1. Audrey Johnson says:

    I love the look of this organized garage. This would probably give my husband a heart attack. His garage is one area that I try not to organize any more than necessary. I am going to tuck away this article for some far away day that he changes his mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jannie says:

    Ha! Had to laugh as I was looking through your older linked blogs related to this post. Even your older organized garage storage looked fantastic! I wondered if it would work to adhere the fabric to the inside of the bins so the fabric wouldn’t get ruined if ever a flood? We’re going through a flood now. Just as we were going to have photos taken to put our home on the market. Freeze break in the backyard spicket leaked into our finished basement. Our home was built two years ago. What a nightmare! I know you’re busy, but I can’t get enough of your videos and posts! Yours and Nikki’s. Incredible stuff! Thx Toni.

  3. Natasha Scully says:

    Whoa! Look at the garage storage! Do you have a link?

  4. Aimee Perkins says:

    So grateful for this year’s challenge. This was my first. I was ruthless in getting rid of stuff per your weekly encouragement. I for the first time have intentional homes for every thing I own which are now labeled. I have systems that make sense and work for my two people family. It took me five weeks to find the perfect set up for my little kitchen. So glad that I was persistent. Love what I have now. The most awesome part is that all my friends tell me I look so much more relaxed and lighter. Before the challenge I did not clean house. I read your book and go back to it often. I now have a cleaning routine. With the house being tidy and clean there has been a lot more laughter in our apartment. You taught me the value of clean through your book and this challenge. Thank you!!!

  5. Jasmine Morgan says:

    What a beautifully organized garage! Those drawers are amazing. I am trying to use less plastic and will definitely need to incorporate them in to my next project. Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Sarah Garden says:

    I am impressed!. The idea for seasonal boxes looks like something we need to do in our garage as well. We just moved so right now, our garage is full of boxes and paper. I might have to look back on your organizing series to get myself organized as I finish unpacking.

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