My sticky note to do list for the week!

December 11, 2010

I am an obsessive list maker.  I have so many thoughts, and can’t remember where I put my car keys 10 minutes ago (my husband will testify to that). So, Im always making lists.  I have stacks of them… mostly on sticky notes. 

Here is my list for the upcoming week. (I guess you would call it a “wish to get it done” – list).  

1. Package up all remaining pictures for the year (Im a photographer. On vacation until Feb. WHooo!)
2. Complete re-organization of my filing system (Including shopping for filing necessities)
3. Finish laundry (never ending battle there)
4. Clean out and organize my fridge (dreading)-future post
5. Purchase some Rubbermaid containers for my pantry (only $3.00 at Big Lots, but had to check to see if they were BPH free before I purchased them)-future post
6. Wrap Christmas Presents (all of them)
7. Order refill of kids vitamins
8. Pass out Boy Scout popcorn (why did we do this again? He was top seller if that tells you how much we have to pass out.)
9. Research shelving systems for my office (not sure what I want yet)
10.  Get some well deserved rest this weekend (after RN duty on Friday)

I hope you have a great weekend & thanks so much for visiting my organizing & cleaning blog! 

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