How I clean my Trash Can naturally!

December 30, 2010

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Thank you so much! Now on to todays post…

Not only is this blog an organizing blog, but its my journey to keeping a clean house (until the kids graduate… and then I can finally relax). 

 This dirty trash can has been staring me in the face… yelling “please clean me”!  I couldn’t stand it anymore.  When everyone throws away their trash, they think the trash has to coat the can before it goes inside! Today I finally cleaned it.   I got this cute trash can at The Container Store.

Before cleaning the can!

I had my work cut out for me!

It was full of food, dust, and grime.


I used my all natural Get Clean dish soap and washed the lid in the kitchen sink. A little goes a LONG way with this soap. Its very concentrated.  I think I squirted a little too much on the lid.  😉

Scrub, scrub!

Then I rinsed it well.

For the outside of the container, I used non-toxic Basic H. I didn’t clean the inside (since its freezing out and obviously I cant do it inside). When spring comes, I will do this with Basic G, an all natural sanitizer. Its still pretty clean in there right now, surprisingly! 

Nice and shiny!

Look how clean it is now!

Once again… Before

and after…

(Dont you just love the reflections on the trash can?)

Only 2 more days until the organizing challenge starts!  Make sure you sign up on my blog. I’m so excited.

One comment on “How I clean my Trash Can naturally!

  1. I need to chuckle at this, just this morning as I was dumping things into the trash can I realized boy this is gross and it should be cleaned. Its now added to my list of things to do for the week 😉

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