Simply shaklee saturday… My Shaklee story.

March 26, 2011

Today I am going to share my own Shaklee testimony.  

I consider myself a “conscious” shopper. I care what ingredients are in each product I purchase to bring into my home.  Yet, I have been unhappy with the products I have been buying.   I didn’t feel like they were safe enough for my children to use.  Especially since my kids are now at the age where they are doing chores (and are exposed to cleaners). So Last fall, I was on the lookout, high and low, for a company who makes clean, all natural products for the different categories {Home, Nutritional, Body Care} that I usually purchase from.  I searched in stores {Whole Foods, etc.} and online.  Then one day, I saw a link to a Shaklee website.  I had never heard of Shaklee before, so I was curious to see what they had to offer and even more curious to see if the products worked.  During my research, I found that Oprah had chosen Shaklee as one of her “Favorite Things” a couple of years back.  That made me giddy because if Oprah likes the products, they must work!

Since then, Oprah has featured Shaklee again
this year on the Oprah Show.  Here is the clip.

I was so excited to find a company that had all of the requirements I have been looking for –  All natural, Green, Non-toxic, cost effective and SAFE!  So I immediately found a Shaklee distributor and ordered some products.  I couldn’t wait for my Shaklee package to arrive in the mail. When it finally arrived, that same evening, I was cleaning my house from top to bottom (like a mad woman, I might ad)!  I wanted to see for myself, how ALL of the products worked.  I instantly fell in love.  Every product I tried, I loved.  My special favorites are the hand dish soap, scour off, Basic H, Nature Bright & most importantly the VITAMINS!!!  

My shaklee vitamins…

When cold season would come around, I used to catch every cold flying by. I had the weakest immune system. I was sick at least 5-6 times each cold and flu season, but after starting on the Shaklee vitamin regimen, I have not had any colds this season.  I have not even gotten sick when the kids brought their school germs home.  And, Im a nurse who is around sick patients, and nada…  The vitamins have boosted my immune system & I have remained healthy!  I attribute my wellness to my Shaklee vitamin regimen. I cant exclude the other Shaklee products… because I love them all. They are all safe, effective, and last so much longer than the Method products I was previously using.

Under my kitchen sink..

After experiencing the products for myself, I had to share them with everyone I knew.  Others had to experience what I was experiencing.  I figured the best way for me to do that was to become a distributor.   So here I am today as a Shaklee consumer & distributor, to say from personal experience (and a whole ‘lotta customer testimonies) that Shaklee products are in fact excellent! They are top of the line all natural products.  Shaklee is the #1 nutrition company in the US. They care about their products and their customers.  They choose only the highest quality ingredients.  As seen in the video above, the CEO of Shaklee – Roger Barnette & his wife Sloan, attribute Shaklees’ products to the health of their son.  Since I have Shaklee-ized my home, I have not looked back. This testimony is why I share my Shaklee products with you every Saturday.  I want you to experience the same Shaklee lifestyle that I’m experiencing.  I am a happy consumer & business owner and I’m proud to share my story with you.

If you would like more detailed information about Shaklee, you can visit my Shaklee website {here}.  

Also, I have some great Shaklee specials for new members. Email me {here} to find out what they are! Remember, only one more week for the Cinch weight loss FREE special!  Get it before its gone forever.

Here is another great Shaklee story of Beth Duris, a Shaklee distributor. Enjoy!

This week, The Early Show on CBS featured Shaklee as one of the top “turnkey” companies!  {Here} is the link if you are interested in what they said about Shaklee!! I also added the video below.

15 comments on “Simply shaklee saturday… My Shaklee story.

  1. Robyn :) says:

    Your blog was the first time I ever heard of Shaklee and your posts are what finally convinced me to give it a try!! I love the products, too. It was nice to clean my bathroom and not choke on toxic fumes LOL. And it still smells like cherries from the Scour Off

  2. I’ve written about you today 🙂 And I’m slowly but surely getting my finances organized – I got my budget box – it’s so pretty and not pricey. Tone

  3. I wrote a long comment this a.m but then it didn’t post..anyways, new to your blog and of hearing of Shaklee products…what is this cinch deal? can you tell me about it and if you have used it? thanks a bunch.

  4. Toni says:

    The Cinch Special lasts through March 31st. If you become a new Shaklee member with a $70 minimum order, then you will get the Cinch sampler pack for free. It is a $101 value. To find out more about the Cinch plan visit my cinch website at:

    Please feel free to email me with any questions.

  5. I bought Shaklee product through you & I LOVE them!
    SO nice to clean & not have all those fumes. I orginally bought it because I want to go green more with the cleaning products I use in my home. But after using them I realized they also work SO much better than other products !!

  6. JTC says:

    Hi Toni –
    I am having trouble e-mailing you. Can you please e-mail me at jnnfr_christopher at yahoo dot com with your new member specials. I was interested in the cleaning products. Also wondering if the sprays are ok to use on granite? Thank you.

  7. brockey says:

    Just wondering what vitamins you use ? It seems like a lot in your tote.

  8. Toni says:

    Hi Brockey,

    My husband uses shaklee’s vitalizer packs once per day.

    I use the following Shaklee vitamins every day:

    B complex
    Vita Lea
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin C
    I also take one tsp of Vivix every day.

    Good question!

  9. Pearlann says:

    After reading your blog, I decided to try Shaklee. I got my starter kit in the mail today and eagerly mixed up the solutions. When I got to mixing the window cleaner I was very skeptical to say the least. I put the 2 drops in and added the water. Then I had to try it because I just could not believe it could work. So I tried it out on my boys tooth paste covered bathroom mirror. I could not believe how well it worked. No streaks and super clean. I am 100% sold. I cant wait to try the other products that came in the kit

    Thanks so much for introducing me to this product

  10. cherie... says:

    my family have all been shaklee’d for as long as i can remember! now i live in england i should investigate if it is available here…xx

  11. D'Arcy says:

    After reading your blog and being a follower for awhile now, I finally put in my first order yesterday through your Shaklee website. Can’t wait for the products to arrive. What I’m really eager to try is the scrub for my oven. I refuse to use harmful toxic cleaners, so I’ve always used the self clean option. The self clean option smells almost as toxic as the cleaners due to the extreme high heat the oven goes up too (making me scared that my house could catch fire). So needless to say, I am looking forward to getting my first supply soon. I will let you know how it goes.

  12. Sarah says:

    I have heard so much about Shaklee and have wanted to give them a try for a while now . . . I keep saying that I will try them whenmy other cleaners run out. But, I think it is the shipping that is holding me back – I will have to look again right now.


    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  13. Jewels says:

    Hello. I just came across your blog this morning. I grew up using Shaklee!! My dad married my step mom when I was 7. She is the reason I use it now. I can remember as a kid having boots that marked on the floors. She would give me the scour off and make me clean them up. About a year ago she me the scour off as a gift and I was so excited!!! My husband thought I was crazy. Once he saw how clean our not so white counters (that should be white) became he was believer as well. I love Shaklee and will use it for the rest of my life!!!

  14. Katie says:

    Hello, I have a few Shaklee questions and I was wondering if you could please email me at I’m already a member and thinking of becoming a basic distributor, but I’m just not sure if it would be worth my while in the long run.

  15. Norita says:

    I’ve been taken Shaklee as my supplement for more than 15 years and its really helps me a lot on my pregnancy also my breastfeeding journey. Really worth to buy!

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