One project at a time… Tuesday Link Party. (Shopping…)

August 23, 2011
Its that time again!  Tuesdays come so fast.  So does school! Summer just flew by and my kids started school yesterday.  Its was bitter sweet. I’m happy that I got my sanity back, but sad that winter is right around the corner (Im a summer kinda gal).  Our home is getting a lot of traffic & showings. Now if someone would just make an offer, than I would feel much better. To lift my mood this week, I went shopping.  Not many projects going on since our house is for sale.  I can’t say I have splurged in quite a while. We have been super careful, saving every penny we can. Shopping did, however, feel SO good.  I made my first stop at Lush, thanks to Janet who shares her Lush crush on her blog often. 🙂  She got me hooked on bath bombs.  

Their handmade soaps are just as delicious!

My next stop was Sears to get a Lands End bag.  I am LOVING Lands End’s fall line.  Very nautical & cute.

Next we headed to Aveda to get some treats.  

A woman can’t go to the mall without visiting Bath & Body Works. They recently came out with their fall line.  Its called “The Bake Shop” and so yummy!  I got Cinnamon raisin bread, pumpkin caramel latte, caramel apple,  cranapple crisp, & creamy pumpkin. They are all hand soaps and all smell as delicious as they sound!  

Then we headed over to Borders to cash in on the going out of business discounts. My store had 50% off everything!   I picked up this “fall looking” book. Yes, I read some books because the cover is pretty.  But this one is actually a good book!  Im really enjoying it.  

And finally we stopped at Build a Bear to build a little kitten for abigail.  She waited patiently and was so happy to adopt a new animal!

One Project At A Time LINK UP:

What are you up to this week? Any exciting projects? Or are you as busy as us preparing for school, etc.  If you are going to link up, please add my blog link button to your post. I have no rules to linking up. 🙂

19 comments on “One project at a time… Tuesday Link Party. (Shopping…)

  1. Cailan says:

    Ooo, I love a good little shopping trip – 10 points for saving and 10 points for enjoying yourself a little. 🙂 And many thanks for the party as always.

  2. meg + andy says:

    those bath bombs and handmade soap really do look delicious! Glad you got to get out for a bit. A little retail therapy always makes me feel better:)

  3. WOW, what an awesome shopping trip!! LOVE bath bombs! I had a friend do a blog post for me on DIY SHOWER bombs! They are WAY cool!

  4. FiliGrace says:

    Thanks for opportunity to join to the link party! 🙂
    Love the Lands End bag.

  5. Laura Beth says:

    Thanks so much for having me!!

  6. I loooove Lush! I think I have tried just about everything there! LOL. Thank you for sharing your shipping trip and thanks for hosting the party. Hope you have a fabulous week!

  7. Hi! I came across your blog and LOVED it! I’m officially your newest follower. I would love you to check out my blog at and follow me!
    Thanks! -Jilly-

    ps-I love your nautical finds!

  8. Nikki Lynn says:

    Thsnks for hosting! I totally wish we had a Lush that wasn’t a million miles away!!!

    Thanks again!

  9. Thanks for hosting a great linky party! We appreciate the opportunity!

  10. Cris says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and LOVED it! I am your newest follower.

  11. Toni, Toni, Toni… You are my hero! Well done, girl! I’m thrilled you love Lush as much as I do. And that little girl…. Simply Ah-Dorable!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Please expect me back to yours often!

  12. JulieK says:

    Fantastic link up!!

  13. Shirley says:

    Lots of great projects here, thanks for hosting!

  14. I’m back! It’s been a few weeks (crazy crazy), but I’m super glad to be back! Thanks, as always, for hosting!


  15. The Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter at Lush is fabulous! I just love that store. I’m going to try to make bath bombs one of these days.

  16. CAS says:

    I went shopping today, too, & one of my stops was the Bath & Body Shop! I’m crazy, nuts for their soaps, so I always buy during their great sales. I got some of the same ones you did, plus a few of their cute Halloween ones — so cute! Then I was off to Dillard’s where I scored some serious buys!

    I’m keeping you in my prayers for selling your home. We truly feel so fortunate and blessed to have sold ours and gotten into a new location that we truly love. Now I’m having the fun of redoing a new home. So my “One Project at a Time” entry is my kitchen. It’s my first completed room!
    🙂 CAS

  17. Angela says:

    Girl you & your home are smelling mighty find, I’m sure! Aromatheraphy is all you need, right? You went to all of my fave places to go in the Scottsdale mall – except I have to go to Norstroms and Crate & Barrel! 🙂
    My BFF LOVES Lush and I have tried a few of their kitchen soaps but haven’t splurged on a bath bomb because I have pretty sensitive skin. Enjoy

  18. Angela says:

    I meant “fine” 🙂

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