New eyeglasses, need help…

January 6, 2012
I need your help. I went to the eye doctor today and when it was time to order some new glasses, I couldn’t decide.  I love the animal print on all of them. Im too shy to show you what they look like on me so Im just going to share the picture of the glasses themselves and skip the pictures of me with them on. I really need to get over that. K.  

Which ones do you like best?

#1 – Dolce & Gabanna (DG 3044B 739)
 #2 – Kate spade (Liesel  – O1WO Crystal Brown)
 #3 – Kate Spade (Roberta 0FE6 Speckled Tortse)

*My insurance will cover the majority of the cost thank goodness.  We started our debt diet this week… its killin’ me!


16 comments on “New eyeglasses, need help…

  1. I definitely think number 3 are the most original and lovely pair. Number two, obviously a favourite by your readers, seems to be fairly common around my area….other than the lovely arms of course.

  2. Mom to One says:

    I voted, but it really does depend on how they look on you. 🙂

    Having worn glasses since I was 4 years old – I’ve picked out many pairs. Some look awesome until I put them on.

    Have you looked at

  3. Stacy says:

    I like all of them, you have good taste. However, I chose Number Two because I think they will look the best based their shape as well as your face shape.
    Good luck with your decision. I’ve worn glasses for the past 30 years and the choice never gets easier!

  4. Toni says:

    Thanks for your opinions. The first pair are really cute in person, The pic isnt doing them justice. 🙂


  5. I voted number 3, but I agree with Mom to One that it really does depend more on how they look on you, because the frames look cute, but then you put them on and they don’t go good with the shape of your face, etc…

  6. Cath x says:

    First ones are just a little bit too much for me and the last ones i don’t like the rimless half frame. number 2 are perfect! x

  7. I love the shape of the D&G but the Liesel seemed like more of an everyday color with a pop of the wow factor : )

  8. Cortney says:

    Number two for sure. They have that perfect balance.
    I second zenni optical! Even if you just want to purchase a back up pair. I just got a pair for $20 and that includes frames, lens, and shipping! My hubby has ordered from there twice and loves his glasses. People give us a lot of complements on them, no one can believe the price when we tell them, they are great quality!
    Good luck with your choice!

  9. Justin says:

    if the first one’s cute in person then let us see them on you 😉 (no pressure-but pick the ones you like the best-and the best way to decide is to put them on and see how they look with your face shape.

  10. Sarah Elise says:

    i choose none of them! i like all of them, but there is a better place to purchase glasses! i buy mine online at i’ve got 4 glasses that i keep in rotation for when i want a different look, and i paid MAYBE $75 for all 4 pair. a doctor my mom works with introduced our family to that site, and we haven’t bought from a major retailer ever since.

  11. celeste says:

    i actually have the first pair and get so many compliments on them. you are right the picture does not do them any justice at all.

  12. I picked number two but I do like them all!

  13. battatter says:

    Get your prescription from the Dr. and head over to
    They have TONS of eyeglasses.. and lots of them start at $8! plus $4 or so shipping.
    I have 8 or 9 pairs, ‘cos they are so cheap!

  14. Vincent says:

    Number two’s definitely good. The animal prints on all three are quite festive, but two has a nice plain area in the front. There’s a balance between the print and plain design.

    Vincent Davis

  15. I like #1 and #2. Don’t like #3, because the wire frames and nosepieces always bend out of shape and need adjusted.
    I just started following your blog this weekend, so I know this is an older post but I really wanted to comment, because I just got new glasses and I have some info to share. I know EVERYONE has probably seen the Coastal Contacts ads, on every website you visit practically. But my neice turned me onto and it is FABULOUS!! I PROMISE this is a personal experience, NOT a sales thing – although they should recruit me – because I’ve been telling everyone how much I LOVE them. If you get a copy of your RX from your doctor you absolutely DO get your 1st pair of glasses FREE! My new ones look similar to your #1.
    Tips for sucessful ordering:1.PAY ATTENTION to the measurements. Measure a pair that you like and fits you well and only consider frames that match those measurements. 2.Dont pay extra for the special lenses and coatings. I have a very strong Rx and mine were not EVEN thick at all with the standard lenses, and NO scratches in 3 months. Dont know how they did that=fabulous… That’s all!! WHO doesnt need a fee pair of glasses????? oh, and my frames (like your #1) have the wide plastic at the sides, that hides the edge of the lenses, good feature!!! Good luck and THANKS for all your awesome posts!!
    Julie Spear

  16. Vincent says:

    Actually, all of them are awesome, but I have to agree with the majority! The Kate Spade eyeglasses would make a magnificent pair. Hmmm… In my opinion, darker pairs of eyeglasses suit different kind of skin tones better. =)

    Vincent Davis

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