Home delivery of organic goodness…

August 1, 2012
Last week was our first home delivery of organic produce.  Let me tell ya, Im loving it!  I love the local freshness & getting that box of goodies every Tuesday.  

This week our box contained…

Swiss Chard
Heirloom Tomatoes
Red leaf lettuce
Green Onions
Sweet Potatoes

The box lasts for the entire week and by next Tuesday we are ready to replenish.  We were going to join a CSA, but none of them delivered to our home and I really liked the idea of choosing what went into my box (online the week before) and having it brought to us. We are super busy and this is one less thing to worry about running after.  Are you a member of a CSA?  Do you have produce delivered to your house weekly?  How do you like it?  

Happy Wednesday!!

9 comments on “Home delivery of organic goodness…

  1. I am actually a coordinator for Annie’s Buying Club in FL. It’s not a CSa. It’s a little different, I get a shipment of certified local organic produce every week, and then split it into even shares for my members and they pick up from my home. It’s a wonderful way to buy organics! Your loot looks great 🙂 enjoy!

  2. Looks delicious Toni, enjoy all the healthy goodness 🙂

  3. I do something similar through Farm Fresh and LOVE it. But I feel like I can never get through my box, so I have it come once a month so I don’t waste too much food

  4. I did one a few years ago. There wasn’t a lot of variety and I felt that a lot went to waste. I love the concept, but it just didn’t work out for me 🙁

  5. We go through Annie’s Buying Club also. I was a coordinator for her also. I love it. I cannot eat a lot of the produce in the stores with out it bothering my throat or lips so I am excited. its a amazing way to get variety and the chance to try new things or eat things that are not available at your local stores.

  6. Lisa says:

    That looks so lovely! What a great idea! I am sure you will have a great time cooking all the yummy food!

  7. Jewel says:

    So funny! I am also an Annie’s coordinator in South Florida. I love my organic produce. Yours looks gorgeous too! Enjoy that bounty!


  8. Teal Lockard says:

    We’ve joined Ambrose Farms CSA before and enjoyed it but this year, we planted a nice garden ourselves. Where are you getting your delivery from?

  9. Looks delicious! Organic box delivery is also very popular in Australia. Note only are you getting the best produce the season has to offer. It’s lots of fun working out what to cook with all the different veggies!

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