Home Organization 101 – Week 6 The Master Bedroom

October 11, 2012
Week 6 ~ The Master Bedroom

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I only have one rule for the challenge.


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Home Organization 101 will continue for 14 weeks. Each Saturday, I will post a new “space” along with pictures of my finished space and share the process of how you can organize yours. You can take as long as you need, and once you are finished organizing your space, come back here to this post and link up your blog (with pictures) to share with all of us. If you do not have a blog, you can take pictures and share them on our Facebook group page (here).   Questions, ask away… Our facebook page is the best place to ask them.  Have fun!  Now lets get organized.

WEEK #6 – The Master Bedroom

This week we are cleaning and organizing our master bedrooms.  I am certain that many of you have not organized this space in a while, right?  Do you have “stuff” shoved under the bed, in the drawers, and clothes laying wherever there is an open space?  If you said yes, you most definitely need this week. I challenge you to clean your bedroom from top to bottom, organize it, and finally create the ‘sanctuary’ you have always wanted.  Your master bedroom should be your place for relaxation, not stress.   We are NOT cleaning out the closet this week… only the bedroom.


My motto for the master bedroom is “less is more”.  Keep this in mind when cleaning & organizing this space.

1. Take a picture of your space before you start.  (Share it on our fb group page).

2. Find 5 laundry baskets/boxes and label them with a piece of paper…

– Everything that stays in the room.
– Things that need tossed in the trash.
– Everything that you are donating or giving to someone else.
– ALL clothes that stay in the room.
– Everything that goes to another room in the house.

3.  Concentrating on one
hot spot at a time, empty the space completely.

Under the bed
– Pull everything out and sort it into the baskets. This space should be empty!
Dresser drawers
– Pull out all of the clothes and empty onto the bed. Go through each piece of clothing.  Does it fit? Do you still wear it?  If not, donate it! Fold and place the clothes back into the drawers (like items together).
Night Stands 
– Empty out the drawers and the top. Clean it off, wipe it down, and only put back the necessities back!
Dresser top
– Clean it off, going through each item thats on there.  Sort though using the “basket system”.  Wipe down and put back only necessary items.  This is a clutter hot spot. This is the first area people notice when walking into the bedroom! Try to keep it clean.
All other hot spots in the room
– Using the “basket system” go through whats left of the room.

4.  Clean – This is the perfect time to deep clean your bedroom… Clean the windows, door knobs, baseboards, vacuum, dust…  Wash the bed linens, curtains, bed skirt… Give it a good cleaning.

5. Once its all clean, you are ready for the fun part!  Its time to organize!  This is the important step if you want to keep your room clean. Use baskets and bins to place “like” items together, around the room.

6.  Thats it. You’re finished!  Now go light a candle (or turn on your Scentsy) and enjoy your sanctuary!

7. Don’t forget to take “after” pictures and come back here to link up!  If you don’t have a blog to do this, you can share your pictures on our facebook group page (here).


I purchased our bed at Ikea.  I love it!

The curtain panels are 96″ from Ikea as well.  The blinds are from Home Depot.

I love my Broyhill (Attic Heirlooms) bedroom set.  It matches well with the bed. 

 I try to keep the dresser clear of clutter. The baskets, from target, are used for my perfume, candles,  and e readers.  The dresser can be the biggest clutter magnet in the room.  Try to keep it nicely organized.

Our e-readers fit well inside the basket.

Candles and Scentsy bars are stored in here.

My bedside table is organized for my personal needs.  I like to read at bedtime, so I keep some books on the bottom shelf.  I purchased these bedside tables for $79 each at Big Lots.  It took me forever to find them to match my dresser & armoire.  Organize your night stand for your needs!

I keep my magazines on the left side and my ipad on the right.  

Using a drawer organizer for the night stand helps to keep things neat and tidy… and prevents it from becoming a junk drawer! Its perfect for my “night time” toiletries, etc…   You can find them (here).

I love these ceramic egg organizers. I have another one of them in my office (here).  They can be purchased in my store (here).

I love my books all neat and organized & within reach.

This is our bedroom “entertainment” center.  I found this buffet dresser on Craigs List for $60!!  It fits the flat screen perfectly.  My yoga mats go into this wire basket for easy access.

I keep all of our music cds & movies organized by genre in here.

My husbands office is through these french doors.  Decorating his room is one of my future projects to share with you.  The office-man cave!

I always have the “ginger” bar burning in my bedroom scentsy warmer.

I love decorating with vintage market baskets.

Using baskets in the bedroom keeps it looking neat and most importantly organized!  CONTAINERIZE your room.

My striped pillows (in front) are from Target. They are on clearance now.  My quilt set is Ralph Lauren, from Marshalls, and the navy ticking duvet set is Pottery Barn. 

The bedding looks royal blue in the pictures but its not. Its a deep navy blue.

Remember to take everything out from under the bed.   If this space is cleared out, you will feel much better about your room. I promise.

Just remember:  Purge, simplify, containerize, organize, and beautify!!!  You will do great!


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If you would like to share your master bedroom organization, link up your blog below. If you do not have a blog, you can share your pictures on our facebook group page (here).

MASTER BEDROOM pictures only please.

13 comments on “Home Organization 101 – Week 6 The Master Bedroom

  1. How do we link up? I don’t see a link or any other bloggers that linked up?

  2. Cyndy says:

    Love your bedroom – so organized!! I have the same Ikea bed and love it! Can I ask where you found the bedskirt? I am having a heck of a time finding one that is long enough and split at the corners. Thanks!!

  3. I love everything but I especially adore your bed and bedding. Gorgeous!!

  4. Jody says:

    One other thing to do while tearing the place apart – tighten up the bolts on the bed frame. I’m doing my MB this week, and I am determined to find that annoying squeak in the four poster bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Ashley says:

    I absolutely LOVE that you use Scentsy! That is always a great finishing touch to a clean & organized room. The warmer you chose looks great with your bedroom. My bedroom is already organized but now, I must tackle the master closet. Eek!!

  6. Grace says:

    I love the process for getting your master bedroom back. I am late to the party, but I am going to tackle it this weekend.

  7. Amy Blaire says:

    I have serious home-decorating envy when I visit posts of your gorgeous home! I’m anal-retentively organized and have a passion for home decor but am restricted by budget! Il have to start a ‘one-day’ board on Pinterest and pin ur pics for inspiration!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Great tips — I will have to use these to organize my home’s master bedroom — we have way to many books, magazines, etc., in ours! I will have to try using more bins and baskets in the bedroom.

  9. Vanessa says:

    I was just forced to move out of my apartment due to a flooding from a busted pipe and am using the home organization to organize as I move but I can’t seem to find link for anything past week 6. Where am I skipping over it??

    • rachel says:

      Hi Vanessa, I’m so sorry to hear about why you’re moving. I know it can be stressful, but hang in there. For the Home Organization Challenge click here and for the rest of the challenge you’ll need to scroll down and click on the “older posts”. I hope that helps. Best of luck with your upcoming move!

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