Emergency Preparedness – Week 6 “Pet & Hygiene Kit”

January 19, 2013

Welcome to week 6 of Emergency Preparedness. This week we will be putting together our hygiene kits and stocking our pet survival kits. If you are in a natural disaster or emergency & you need to leave your home quickly, you will need a hygiene kit that will serve your needs for at least 72 hours. Trust me, you need a hygiene kit!!! You will also need a pet survival kit for your 4 legged friends. Make sure to place a hygiene kit in each backpack. Once you have completed this step, you are ready to begin week 7, comfort items.




1. Gather your pets health history & immunization records.  Photocopy them & place in emergency binder.

2. Gather contents for your pet backpack. List below. (print out in e-book)

3. Collect items for your hygiene kits & place in backpacks. (print out in e-book)






Shampoo & Conditioner








Feminine Products

Contact lens care

Moist Towelettes




Baby items: Diapers, extra formula, wipes, etc.

Extra underwear






(Printable is included in E-Book)


List of Medications

AKC Records

Vet Name & Number

Boarding Name & Number

Picture of Pet Medican Record/History



(Printable is included in e-book)

Extra leash, collar, and ID tag

3 days of food (in airtight container)

3 bottles of water per pet

Food bowl & water dish

Litter & small litter box for cats

Toys & dog bones

Pet first aid book

Flea & Tick Medicine Medications





Shop for your hygiene kit with things you already have in your bathroom cabinets!  Use the extras you already have, including your old wash cloths.  For the pet kit, use your current dog/cat food and place 3 days of serving sizes into ziploc baggies.  There are many ways to save money creating your emergency kits.



If you would to print out a paper copy of the 8 week series, you can purchase my “Emergency Preparedness” E-Book below.  It includes the entire  8 week series, along with several Emergency Binder Printables.  The E-Book is a great tool to refer to while setting up your station.   (Here) are the details of the E-Book.  Purchase your copy for only $10.


Below are the printables included in the E-Book.  Just purchase, print and fill them out!



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20 comments on “Emergency Preparedness – Week 6 “Pet & Hygiene Kit”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi, I purchased the book Thursday and I haven’t got the download link yet. I sent a MSG on fb but I understand those don’t always go through so thought I would try here. I am really anxious to get the book:-) thanks!

    • Admin says:

      Laura, What is your email address?

      • Anonymous says:

        Is there a way I can give it to you privately? I didn’t want it out in the open. I think I have found your email addy and will send it that way. When I try to click on the envelope to email on my iPad it won’t go through. Thanks!!

        • Admin says:

          I tried sending it to you and I got this message back after I emailed it to the email you sent me… “Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 message too large. (state 17).”

          Can you resend the email to me or is there another email?

  2. Damian says:

    Pets are entirely dependent on you, every bit as much as children are; one simply cannot assume that they will fend for themselves. Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of the need to prepare for your pets.

    Personal hygiene is an often minimized area of preparedness that do not seem important at first glance but a huge part of being human is that of feeling “civilized” as I like to call it. A small hygiene kit such as that outlined above will go a long way to easing tensions and making life seem at least somewhat normal after an emergency.

  3. Sinea Pies says:

    Now you’re talking…pet prep. Most of us are unprepared for emergencies but our pets may be in the greatest jeopardy. Thank you for putting together a very doable list. I am sharing this with my new fanpage “Puppies-Puppies” for dog lovers.

  4. Drea says:

    Another thing you might want to stick in a pet’s backpack would be a muzzle! Even the most calm, sweet dogs can freak out during an emergency. It would be horrible if they bit someone under stress and were then not allowed to come with you to stay at a hotel, emergency shelter, etc. It might even be a requirement if things got too hectic at a particular evacuation locale.

  5. I love that you included an emergency kit for pets. Pets are often left behind during emergencies because folks forgot to plan. Thanks for including them!

  6. Laura says:

    I got it!! Thanks so much!!!!

  7. APMommy says:

    This may sound silly – but where did you get that backpack? I really like the size/durability of it. Thanks for this post! 🙂 I’m in the midst of emergency kits and like the idea of backpacks for ‘grab and go’ rather that simply in a big storage unit.

    • Eleanor says:

      We have the same one.. Pretty sure we got it at target.. The only thing that I’m not AMAZINGLY happy with are the pulls on the zippers are these weird elastic things that we broke one pretty quickly.. but the bag is really awesome.. my son uses it for school and on the weekends I STUFF it with tons of ski gear

  8. Amy says:

    Poop bags!!!

  9. Eleanor says:

    We have that EXACT same blue and orange backpack..
    My son uses it for school, and on the weekends I pack it for skiing.. I was AMAZED at how much it holds and is still comfortable to carry
    HOWEVER, we have lost one of the elastics from one of the zippers on the main part.. It broke pretty quickly
    So very excited to go through all of these prep. weeks

  10. Jake says:

    Great article! Pets are our children and if we’re preparing ourselves we better be preparing them as well 😉

    I was writing a similar blog post on my own site and came across a cool company by the name of “Buddy Meals” – http://www.mybuddymeals.com/. They provide pre-assembled packages that contain an 8 oz. bag of kibble (which is enough for 1-3 feedings, depending on the size of your dog), a 12 oz. bottle of purified water, a 2 oz. doggy treat, a waste removal bag, and a divided biodegradable serving dish.

    Pretty cool stuff and makes packing food a breeze! Hope this helps 🙂

  11. I enjoyed your article. I need to set aside some preps for my pets. I am almost finished the BOB’s for my wife and me. Next, the kids and finally the pets!

  12. Autumn Burian says:

    Can I purchase a copy of the “EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS” forms for the binder for Microsoft Word so I can fill it out on the computer and then print them out?

  13. Anonymous says:

    A couple of ideas – samples of pet food from pet stores or pet food companies.
    Toiletries from hotels – save them and put in your kits.

  14. Hannah says:

    one of the most important things you should add for a cat kit is a secure harness and leash. Not the one that is just loops, but the one that velcros on. Your cat is going to be very scared, worried and upset. She needs a cage and a blanket that you can put her in and know she is safe when you are moving. But you also need to bring a secure harness and leash you can put her in when you want her to stretch her legs. The last thing you need is your terrified cat running off forever. Don’t underestimate the strength of a terrified cat to escape you.

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