Emergency Preparedness – Week 7 “Comfort Kits”

January 26, 2013

Welcome to our final week (before the big reveal) of the Emergency Preparedness Series.  This week we are going to be putting together comfort kits & fun kits (if you have children) for each of our backpacks.



What is a comfort kit?


A comfort kit contains a dry set of clothes & shoes, a favorite toy or book, and a game to pass the time.  If you have children, you can also include a “fun kit”.  Stock your comfort kit with items your family may like to have while away from home. The purpose of this kit is to “grab and go” if you are in an emergency. If you are in a true emergency (like I was), you may not have time to pack a bag.  When we were in a hurricane in 1999, we were rescued from our home with only the clothes on our back. We didnt have a “72 hour kit” or a “comfort kit”.  We ended up sleeping on the floor of a gymnasium with the soaked clothes on our back. I wish I had a comfort kit during that time.



Contents of Comfort Kit: 

1 outfit per person

1 pair of shoes per person

Games & cards



Extra pair of socks per person

Fun kit for each child (see print out)

Toys for infants & toddlers

1 comfort item per child

*Adjust to your liking


What is a fun kit?


After a natural disaster or emergency, children may not have access to toys or games. They will get bored easily and its best to keep their minds busy during a stressful time like this. You may be away from your home for a few days or even weeks. So, its nice to have something for your kids to do.  Creating a fun kit for each child will help to pass the time.


Contents of Fun Kits:


Coloring book

Crayons, markers, & pencils


Deck of cards


Crossword Puzzle Book

A small toy



Once you have put together your comfort and fun kits, place one in each backpack. Next week I will reveal my Emergency Preparedness Station. I will also have a link party so you can share your’s too!  Are you prepared?  Show us what you got next week.  There is also a giveaway!!



This should be your least expensive week of the series.  Use what you have in your home.  Old socks, old shoes, old clothing can be placed in everyones’ backpacks.  Put some crayons in a baggie and print out a few coloring pages from the internet. Use your imagination. You can get prepared on the cheap this week!




If you would to print out a paper copy of the 8 week series, you can purchase my “Emergency Preparedness” E-Book below.  It includes the entire  8 week series, along with several Emergency Binder Printables.  The E-Book is a great tool to refer to while setting up your station.   (Here) are the details of the E-Book.  Purchase your copy for only $10.


Below are the printables included in the E-Book.  Just purchase, print and fill them out!




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4 comments on “Emergency Preparedness – Week 7 “Comfort Kits”

  1. Heather B says:

    We found waterproof cards at Walmart for our backpacks. Since we live in the pacific northwest we were pretty excited to add this to our kits in case we’re stuck hoofing it in the rain. 🙂

  2. Jennie G says:

    I would put my spare clothes into a gallon freezer Ziploc bag, then you don’t have to worry that your spare clothes will get wet too. 🙂

  3. Amanda Miller says:

    I absolutely love this idea. Thanks so much for caring enough to help other people with these wonderful ideas! Your blog site is my absolute favorite place to visit when I have the free time. I can stay here for hours lol 🙂 Thanks again.

  4. Julie says:

    Don’t forget that you can purchase a waterproof backpack, or seal all items in ziplock baggies! Thats what we did!

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