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August 22, 2013

School is back in session and its time to get the kids organized!  I have three children so homework time in our house happens pretty much every day.  This year, I created a “Homework Caddy” to make it easier for the kids to find what they need when doing homework and projects.  Do you keep your extra school supplies in an easy to find place for your children? If not, keep reading!


Homework Caddy - A Bowl Full of Lemons 2


I  purchased this caddy & all of the supplies at Walmart. Everything fits perfectly.


Homework Caddy - A Bowl Full of Lemons 1


Homework Caddy - A Bowl Full of Lemons 5


Here is a list of everything that’s included in our “Homework Caddy”

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Colored Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Stapler
  • Erasers
  • Glue
  • White Out
  • Calculator
  • Protractor Kit
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Tape
  • Graph Paper
  • College Ruled Paper
  • Scissors
  • Index Cards
  • Ruler


Homework Caddy - A Bowl Full of Lemons 6


Homework Caddy - A Bowl Full of Lemons 3


When it’s time to do homework, I bring out the caddy and put it in the middle of the kitchen table. The kids love it!


Homework Caddy - A Bowl Full of Lemons 4




32 comments on “Homework Caddy Organization…

  1. MissCarole says:

    Thanks for the idea! My daughter is 7 and very creative. Her little table always gets too messy for my liking. I’m going to get her one of those to help her tidy up.

  2. Kathy Long says:


  3. love your organization! so cute and colorful!

  4. That’s a cute caddy. Last year, my son’s homework spot was stationary. This year, I have re-purposed the dining room for homework and other paperwork, so I need things to be more mobile. So far, I have gotten each of my kids a pencil box and it has pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and crayons in it. I might need to get a small container to hold things they share like scissors, ruler, etc. My little one (3) is so excited that he has his own pencil box that he can move around the house for coloring.

  5. Andrea Castor says:

    Love! We did the same thing, but in a boring plastic shoe box. I’m going to look for the pink caddy at Walmart now!

    Question though, where is the label from that says “homework caddy”?

  6. jessica says:

    I your website/blog! I have just added this to my to do list, ds is always saying he can’t find a pencil, or it’s not sharpened etc. Now he won’t have any excuse at homework time 🙂

  7. Meredith says:

    This is a great idea, I was just telling my husband yesterday that we needed a way to organize homework supplies.

  8. colleen says:

    I love this idea!!! Totally going to make one up to make our nights easier!! god knows I need all the help I can get.

  9. Angela says:

    This is such a great idea! Where do you store it?

  10. I like the idea of only having the homework caddy available during homework time. Otherwise, my preschoolers would have markers all over the house. Thanks for this neat idea!

  11. corrie says:

    That is great! I am wondering where you purchased the caddy?

  12. Coreen says:

    I made one and set it up almost the same way when my oldest was in grade school. She is a senior this year. It has already seen a lot of use and will get a lot more. One of my sons just started kindergarten this week. This has been a great help in keeping all the homework supplies in one spot. Love it.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Did you actually find the caddy at Walmart? I want that one!

  14. I love your caddy! I am going to have to go to Walmart! We use just a regular pencil/pen holder to hold my kids’ supplies in the kitchen, but it isn’t big enough. This caddy would be perfect — thanks for the tip! I also like that the caddy is portable — my kids sometimes like to work in the kid study area (complete with bean bag chairs) that I created for them recently in our home’s upstairs hallway! The space is really cute with a big owl and tree mural on the wall, and my children love it!

  15. Traci says:

    I LOVE your homework caddy!!! My 8-year-old does too. Did you recently purchase it at Walmart? Unfortunately, I cannot find it on their website and pink is so pretty. Could you please help? Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

    • Ann says:

      Traci, I just picked this same one up at Walmart yesterday. I found it in the craft section; however, I don’t think it belonged there. It was on a shelf labeled for a different product. The caddy is sold by Sterilite and the sticker on the side says “shower caddy”. It also has a picture of it holding shower stuff. Maybe you could look in the back-to-school area. Or where they sell shampoo and body wash? Anyway, I love it.It’s stocked with much of the items that Toni used. We’re a homeschooling family who, in spite of all the supplies I buy, often had trouble locating items like a pen or sharpened pencils. And yes those things had a home, but often didn’ make it back where they belonged. So I think this will be a huge help.(Thank you, thank you, Toni!!!).

  16. That’s so cute, Toni! I love the caddy you picked out. Plus, how great is Washi tape? Happy Back-to-School Time! 😉

  17. This is such a must with BTS and all the homework that comes with it. I love how you got so much stuff all contained in one spot!

  18. Alana says:

    I was wondering what cups you used to hold the crayons and the glue sticks, erasers, and stapler? Great idea for parents and kids alike (an office supply caddy for adults:) )

  19. Katie says:

    If you flip your markers upside down, it will make them last a lot longer. 🙂 I love all your ideas!

  20. This is awesome! I’d love to know how much you paid for the caddy.

  21. Melanie says:

    Do you offer the label as a printable?

  22. Allison says:

    Alejandra from Home Organising on youtube has just done almost an exact copy of this on her channel…

  23. Shana says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ABFOL! School started Wednesday & we’re all ready for homework time, kids are even excited 🙂 Found everything I needed at Walmart.

  24. Tiffany says:


  25. Jacqueline P says:

    I loved this idea so I started collecting all the things my kids would use for preschool and Pre-K first. Then I went hunting for the caddy and kept coming up empty handed apparently a lot of kids buy these for back to college shopping, and when I finally did find it the handle were all broken on the top, I’m so disappointed! 🙁

  26. Melonie says:

    I spent a great deal of time trying to find the exact same caddy, after spinning my wheels for longer than I would like to admit I gave up! I don’t think sterilite makes that one anymore. I was really stuck on the shape, design and 4 compartments, well…and I do love pink! BUT I don’t think my 3 boys would of been too excited to have a PINK caddy. (I would of loved it, but its not for me!!) So I changed my search to something that would serve the same purpose but have a more boyish feel. I found the PERFECT thing at Lowes!! Its a tool caddy and it holds all the little school supplies just perfectly, but with masculine flair!!! I am pretty sure I was more excited than my guys, but they do like it!!

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