De-Cluttering Do’s & Don’ts

December 26, 2013

Clutter -“a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.”  (via Google)

Let’s face it:  We all have a little bit of clutter lingering around somewhere.  It’s just a fact of life.  Things pile up and it can be oh so challenging to stay on top of it all.  So whether you have a little or a lot of clutter that needs to be subdued, you can think of me as your “Clutter Doctor.”

I’m here to give you a prescription that will help to improve your clutter ailments!  I want to help you protect your health and home from the stress that clutter can bring.  My do’s and don’ts will help get you started and provide you with tools to keep de-cluttering as a long-term healthy habit.


(I’m starting with the “Don’ts.  Just to make sure that you get started on the right track.)

3 Don’ts


Don’t be unrealistic.  It doesn’t matter what I say or how excellent your organizational skills are, organizing takes time, energy and effort.  To be successful in organizing it really helps to use the “snowball” approach. This means that you start with the smaller, more manageable task.  Then roll into the next bigger project.  You cannot organize everything in a single morning or even a weekend. Spread out the work and be realistic.  Once you get momentum your motivation will kick in!  Try scheduling your organizing time into your routine and use timers to help keep you on track.

Don’t approach clutter when you are tired, overwhelmed, emotional, or distracted. When you decide to address a problem clutter area, you need to have the best set up for success.  Block out a quantity of time that will be adequate and make sure that you are able to give a quality effort during the entire timeframe.

Don’t do it alone.  Find someone else to help you when you attempt to focus on de-cluttering.  Choose a friend or family member who will help you to remain objective and will hold you accountable.  Someone who will tell you that your outfit doesn’t match or that you have food in your teeth is probably a good person to start with!  For example, you need someone who will be direct with you and tell you that you really need to let go of your 25 tee shirts from High School that are stained and worn out.

3 Do’s

Do take action and be proactive.  Choose an area to focus on first.  Then set up a system where you will put the items that you are not going to hold on to or that need to be moved elsewhere.  Grab three bins or bags and set them up according to categories.  Such as…



3-Return (to another place in your home or to another person)

Do ask the tough questions.  You should only surround yourself with stuff that you love and use.  Anything else is clutter and needs to find a new home.  Here are three important questions to ask when you are focused on de-cluttering:

1-Have I used this in the past 12 months?

2-Do I love this item?

3-Is it worth the space it takes up in my home?

Do set goals and limits with what you purchase and own.  When you complete an area of your home and it is officially de-cluttered.  Stop and ask yourself, “How can I keep and maintain the space like this?”  “What will I need to do to keep the clutter at bay?”  Simple goals like “one in one out” will help to keep the accumulation of things in better balance.

De Cluttering

Doctor’s Orders: Make a goal, find a buddy, set a timer and get to work on that de-cluttering!  (I promise you’ll feel better in no time.)

Remember, it’s all about progress.  Not perfection.

Where are you going to start?  What is one small “clutter” area you can tackle first?  



Tyree-75 copy 2Morgan is a momma on a mission to share some tried and true techniques that she hopes will encourage you as you focus on your health and home.  She wants to motivate you to be the very best you can be, by sharing about anything from workout ideas, to organizing closets, to squeezing in quiet times.  Join her on her journey at, Morganize with Me, as she attempts to control the chaos!  






Hi! I'm Morgan, the energetic and motivated, but also realistic girl, behind Morganize with Me. My mission is to share tried and true techniques that I hope will encourage my readers and clients as they focus on their health and homes. I believe in simplifying, prioritizing, and measuring progress one day at a time. When I'm not blogging, organizing, or exercising, I can be found cooking a simple dinner or spending time with my sweet family. My life is full and fun and somewhat messy too. A motto that I hold near and dear to my heart, is that less IS more. Unless, of course, there is an opportunity for another Chai Tea Latte or I'm shopping at Target.

12 comments on “De-Cluttering Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Lisa says:

    I would add, don’t declutter when you’re hungry….. recipe for losing steam. 🙂

  2. Great tips! I always seem to have clutter in my kitchen area. We all come in and set stuff down and it piles up so quickly.

  3. Haley says:

    Good tips! Agree with having a friend help out. It can be easy to keep things that you really don’t need/want!

  4. Deonna Wade says:

    These are great tips Morgan…I cleaned out my back bedroom yesterday and I wish I had done the bins because I just ended up with confusing piles everywhere. I love the rule about if you love it or not…I have gotten rid of a lot of decor this week because I don’t LOVE it. Why have something if it doesn’t make you smile or bring back a great memory?

  5. Excellent tips. I love January for decluttering. In the past I have used a timer even if it is just for 20 minutes. Three sets of 20 minutes equals one hour. Bits of time can be more manageable and they do add up. Then it is less overwhelming. I may start with my closet or the spare room. I hope you post more tips and motivation that we don’t have to be perfect in our decluttering quest.

  6. Shon Ross says:

    Another great tip – sometimes we get bogged down with “sentimental” items – things that children made, or were given as a gift from a loved one. Advice: Take a picture of you with the item and put the picture in the photo album and get rid of the item! You now have the memory and NO CLUTTER!

  7. Anonymous says:

    LOVE your quote, “Remember, it’s all about progress. Not perfection.” Awesome list full of motivation!

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