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January 13, 2014

Plain & Simple Organizing

Welcome to your very first “Plain & Simple” organizing challenge. This month we are focusing on the kitchen & today we are going to get our baking essentials squared away.  Do you have a certain area in your kitchen where you whip together some delicious cookies or homemade bread?  You should have all of your ingredients within arms reach of your preparation area.  Remember, our goal this month is to create a “FUNCTIONAL” (& organized) kitchen.



1.  Pull out all of your baking ingredients (list below).  Check expiration dates.

2. Make a list of missing ingredients & go shopping for needed items.

3.  Clear out a kitchen cabinet, shelf, or drawer that will be used as your new baking cabinet.

4. Label your containers & stock your new space.

5.  Start baking some delicious homemade recipes!!


A Bowl Full of Lemons Kitchen Organization 3


You can use any type of container to create an organized baking space. I chose OXO containers.  They are easy to open when your hands are messy and fit well together.  Another idea would be mason jars. They are inexpensive and they come in many sizes.



I use the 0.9 qt OXO containers for my small baking ingredients (baking powder, baking soda, etc).

I use the 2.4 qt OXO containers for my medium sized ingredients (brown sugar, dk brown sugar, etc)

I use the 4 qt OXO containers for my large ingredients (Flour, sugar, oats, etc.)


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons



Large Containers:

  • All Purpose Flour
  • Self Rising Flour
  • Bread Flour
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Old Fashioned Oats
  • Quick Cooking Oats
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Granulated Sugar

Medium Sized Containers:

  • Light Brown Sugar
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • Bisquick Mix

Small Containers:

  • Cocoa Powder
  • Raisins
  • Baking Chocolate Bars
  • Baking Powder
  • Baking Soda
  • Yeast (Individually packaged)
  • Corn Starch


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


I use my Kitchen Aid almost every day, so I organized all of the tools for the mixer into one basket and placed it in my baking cabinet.


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


Your favorite mixing bowls should also be in the same area as your baking supplies.


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


I used the Martha Stewart kitchen labels from Staples. They come in 2 colors (red and aqua), as well as 2 sizes.  I labeled them with my Brother P-Touch & used the clear label tape for the labels.


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


Last but not least, to use every inch of my space, I hung my pot holder on a command hook (on the door).


Baking Cabinet Organization - A Bowl Full of Lemons


You do not need a pull out drawer to create this space.  Any cabinet will do, as long as your ingredients are corralled together, and close to where you prepare your recipes.  In a few days, I will give you your next kitchen challenge. If you would like to share your challenge pictures, you can join A Bowl Full of Lemons Home Organization 101 Facebook Group and share your pictures on the “Kitchen Organizing” event page. You can also share via instagram. Use the hash tag #ABFOLplainandsimple. Have fun!!



36 comments on “Baking Cabinet Organization

  1. Kit says:

    Doing This – Can’t wait! I have an identical cabinet that I have been DYING to organize. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I have major cabinet envy! I love that pull out drawer! I am not sure if I asked this before, but are your kitchen walls painted plain white or is the color a little tan?

  3. Kim says:

    Since all of your baking supplies have been transferred to other containers, how do you keep track of expiration dates? Do you print another label with that information and put it on the bottom of the container? Thanks!

    • I have these containers, and write on them with chalkboard crayon (dry-erase marker would work, too, or you could use a label, or even a post-it note). I’d also be sure to abel these on the side as well in case lids get switched accidentally (usually by my kids). 🙂

  4. daisy says:

    Looks great! Have fun baking!

  5. It looks awesome. I love OXO containers. My mom got me my first set for my birthday last year. Now, I am gradually adding to it. 🙂

  6. Beautiful space Toni. So happy to see organizing posts again. Your KitchenAid is beautiful. I liked your idea of keeping the attachments in a basket.

  7. Tricia says:

    This post came at the perfect time! I am currently following your ‘Organizing 101″ Challenge and preparing to overhaul my kitchen. Just today I found what I think will be the perfect canisters for my space. Thank you so much for your breakdown of sizes and ingredients — now I feel confident purchasing the correct sizes. Thank you, Toni!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Tricia, Were you able to find containers at a reasonable price? OXO IS out of my range so looking for better options.

      • Mariah says:

        I found ones at Walmart today (Better Homes & Gardens Flip Tite). There is a 3-pack for $15 or you can buy them separately! I’ve heard good things from other blogs. You may have found a solution already but if not – these look promising!

  8. This set up not only looks beautiful but is so functional too. I love the attachment basket and the idea hanging the glove up!

  9. It’s always nice to have your baking bits organised neatly and in one place – I talk as if speaking from experience but I’m not, unfortunately, a small house means a small kitchen and so my baking bits are all stored on the one shelf in not the best order. I need to sort that! I think this post may well have kicked me in the butt to do just that. Thanks!

  10. Andrea says:

    Love those containers. I want to change over from any round ones that I have. Square is such a better use of space. Guess I’ll be saving up those BBB coupons!

  11. Nancy says:

    Do you have suggestions for cabinents that do not pull out? I have traditional cabinets and not a lot of storage space. I have all my baking items in one cabinet but have to move the flour to get to the sugar etc. I would love to be able to use your ideas but not sure how to incorporate them to my kitchen. Thank you!

    • Rachel says:

      you can use larger bins to corral your items and just pull the bin out when you’re backing. I think that would be where I start.

  12. Mariana S. says:

    oh! i love this! i hope can enjoy at time! i love this post so much! thank you!

  13. April Sutter says:

    I’ve been a member of this group for a while, but this is the first time I’ve started a challenge. (I’m a big procrastinator but 2014 is going to be my year to change that!) So, I’m doing the baking area now. Are the challenges weekly, daily or what? Is this the first one for 2014? I just want to be sure to keep up and know when to check for the new challenges. Thanks! (I’m SOOO excited for this!!)

    • Rachel says:

      This is the first challenge post this year. They will be coming out but not on a set date. The kitchen is where you’ll want to focus this month.

  14. Ruth says:

    This is by far THE best blog post I have seen regarding the organization of pantry items. I love that you spell it out – what items you need to stock your baking pantry, and then what brand and size container to use for storage. Thank you.

  15. Twila says:

    I never thought about using my large drawers for baking supplies! I keep my kettles in those drawers. May have to change my way of thinking, because I really like that idea!
    Only wish I could afford those lovely OXO containers! 🙂

  16. Looks great! I love how organized your baking storage is! I really need to complete this challenge, because my baking cabinet seriously needs to be organized!

  17. Jennifer says:

    I just recently did this in my kitchen (posted on my blog this morning!) and I love those OXO containers!! I got some for Christmas and loved them so much that I’ve picked some more up at Homegoods. They keep things so much fresher and you really know the lid is on!! 🙂

  18. Terry says:

    If you don’t have pull out cabinets another inexpensive way to accomplish a similar pull out function is to put all your items on a rimmed baking sheet. The baking sheet acts like a drawer. You just pull that in and out.

  19. Anais says:

    This is awesome! I don’t bake 🙁 well i do but not like this, so i am moving to the second challenge i am excited you make explain so wonderfully that it makes it easy to follow you! Thank you!

  20. Renee says:

    What a wonderful space! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Sam says:

    I don’t have a cabinet that this will work in. (I love this layout.) How can this work in a pantry? We have a small closet pantry. No place for my kitchen aid or mixing bowls. Anyone have a different suggestion? Maybe one shelf for baking in the pantry?

    • Rachel says:

      I use a bin in my pantry. It contains all my baking essentials, not including the flour/sugar. Those are kept in canisters on the counter. When I bake, I just pull out the bin and am good to go.

  22. Rebecca says:

    Hi Toni, love this post and your blog in general! Just curious…can you tell me where you found the china cabinet in the first picture behind the KitchenAid? I love it and am looking for something similar. Thanks!

  23. Brenda says:

    Just a note. I keep my yeast and dried fruits (raisins, etc) in the refrigerator. I keep my spices in the freezer. They last a lot longer. Love the way your cabinet looks. My drawer space is limited, but I’m kind of OCD about the inside of my cabinets.

  24. sharon says:

    I love this! I saw these containers at Penneys today and they wanted $30.00 for the cereal sized one!!! I couldn’t believe the price. Do you have any recommendations on other places these can be purchased for less? Do you have any recommendations on a less expensive brand that works well? Thanks!

    • sharon says:

      Found some great deals on these at TJ Maxx and Home Goods today!!! Was so excited! Cant wait to start loading them up 😉 I spent $12.99 for the 4 quart size.

  25. Hannah W says:

    I have similar containers for my dry goods (Mainstays brand from WalMart). They fit nicely together in 2 rows on 1 long cabinet shelf. I never thought to put them in a pull-out drawer. Guess I will have to try some re-arranging this weekend to see if I like it better that way.

    Also, Bisquick should be refrigerated after opening.
    I”m not sure why but that’s what the box says so that’s what I do. 🙂

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