January Favorites: Books

December 18, 2016

A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books


The New Year is almost here so I’ve gathered my favorite books (& planners) that I’ll be using (& reading) in January. From my personal planner to novels and self help books, I’ve got a wide variety to choose from on my night stand this month. What books do you have lined up for January? Comment below!
A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites: Books


After much mental debate, I’ve settled into the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley for 2017. I typically go for a ring bound planner but the simplicity of this spiral bound planner has me intrigued. The daily layout is perfect for me and the colors make me smile! My goal is to use this planner for the whole year. Let’s see how long I last in it. I’ll give an update in a month or two.


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books



Next is my LuLaRoe planner. My goal is to keep all of my business related tasks and appointments separate from my main planner and this one does the job! It’s customized for LuLaRoe fashion consultants and will serve me well. If you’re curious about my LuLaRoe business, join my VIP page here to find out what it’s all about. <3


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books



2017 is a year of simplifying my life and setting attainable goals that will help me become more successful both personally and professionally. Powersheets is an intentional goal setting planner that will help me achieve those goals. It’s not a daily planner, it’s a goal planner. Creator of Powersheets Lara Casey says…

“We believe in choosing purpose over perfect. Our products are designed to help women make what matters most to them happen, whether that be faith, family, community or a heart-filled business. At the heart of our business are our families, faith, and a strong connection to our community.”  I’m excited to implement this into my planning system this year.


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites: Books



January is all about organizing, and I always start the new year with The Complete Book of Home Organization. The 2017 Home Organization Challenge will begin on January 7th! If you would like to join me, be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates and get the book. I promise it will change your life! Subscribe here.

A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books

January is also a month of new beginnings and resolutions. This year I am working hard on grace not perfection. As you can imagine, this book really spoke to me and will be my guidance for the new year. If you’re like me and have trouble dealing with perfection, this book by Emily Ley should be on your night stand this month.


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books



A Bowl Full of Lemons book club chose The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer as our January read. If you love to read, join our virtual book club on Facebook!  I can’t wait to dig into this novel this month.


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites : Books



Finally, this isn’t a book but it goes along with my planners so I have to share it. Not only am I crazy about planners, but I also love writing tools and pouches. This pencil pouch matches my planners perfectly. Isn’t it cute? You can also find this at Hobby Lobby.


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites: Books


A Bowl Full of Lemons January Favorites: Books


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends. <3


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8 comments on “January Favorites: Books

  1. I am SOOOOO in love with all of this! I have all three books ready to start off the year. I am looking forward to the Challenge now that I have my book. There is just something so great about the beginning of the year.

  2. Denee says:

    Thank you for this list! One of my new favorites is a planner/journal combination from Design Works Ink. It has all of the months and days printed small on the top of every page so you can circle whatever date you need. I use mine for brainstorming and planning out my writing and I love it because I can go back and look at what date I had an idea or thought. I was lucky to find it on sale at Staples as well!

  3. Jennifer Linn says:

    Will you be making printouts for 2017? I look forward to them each year. I don’t want to keep changing my Budget Binder each year, it gets expensive to do. Plus I’ve finally got my husband trained with the current set up!

    Thank you

  4. Joanna says:

    I stumbled onto your book at Barnes and Noble last January while looking for home décor/decluttering books. Loved it. I pre-ordered your new one coming out next spring-stumbled on that one on Amazon a week or so ago. 🙂 I loved reading organizing/homey books last winter and plan to re-read the ones I have again beginning next week, and am always looking for more to add to my collection. I love the ones by Melissa Michaels. I also appreciate Rachel Ashwell’s shabby chic books for their domesticity-I’m not a shabby person. I can list others if you’re interested. I have fibromyalgia so will probably just follow along with your challenge. First time here on your blog. Love it and love your book. 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    I bought the powersheets planner on your recommendation, but I would like to rehome it. The company does not take returns, and I hate to just throw it away. I could send it to you and you could offer it as a give away. Please advise.

    • Toni says:

      Im sorry that its not working out for you. Keep in mind its not a planner. Its for your goals. Since they are sold out and they won’t make more for 2017, its highly sought after. There are a couple of power sheets groups on Facebook where you could sell it for retail easily. 🙂

  6. Audrey says:

    I recently found planner peace with the bullet journal, although the fundamental bullet journal was way too flexible for me, I was able to adapt this technique to my own style and I put everything in a single place. I chose a traveler’s notebook as my system since it’s a bit more flexible than a hardbound notebook.

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