30 Day Purge: Day 6 Cleaning Products

October 6, 2019

We are almost finished with week 1 of our 30 day purge. You are doing a great job. Keep it up! It’s time to purge your cleaning products.

DAY 6: Cleaning Products

For some reason, we (I) tend to buy a lot of cleaning products and start using a new bottle before the old one is empty. Today I want you to gather up all of your cleaning products and condense half empty bottles (of the same cleaners) together. Put aside the bottles you don’t use and toss the empty bottles. Give the products you don’t want to a friend or family member who could use them. You should be left with full bottles of cleaners you will get some use out of. Now go organize those neatly in a designated cabinet. (PS. I get my cleaning products here).


Once you’re finished, share a picture of your purged cleaning cabinet on Instagram and use the hashtag #purgetheclutterwithabfol. Don’t forget to tag me @abowlfulloflemons. Share a before picture as well! Remember this challenge should only take 5 minutes each day.

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