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The Simplified Closet

Steps to simplify and create a neutral (& organized) closet.

30 Day Purge: Day 22 Under Kitchen Sink

Today will be an easy purge. We are back in the kitchen and purging under the sink. This space can get cluttered easily, so it’s good to purge 2-3 times a year. DAY 22: Under Kitchen Sink Take 5 minutes to empty out the cabinet. Toss empty bottles and purge Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 21 Coats

The weather is changing and it’s time to pull out our fall & winter coats. Let’s purge the old and tattered, and keep only what we love. DAY 21: Coats Pull out all of your fall & winter coats from hiding, so you can see them all together. How many Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 20 The Car

We are getting so close to finishing. Hopefully you are still participating in the challenge with me. We are taking a break from the house today to purge the car (before it gets too cold). DAY 20: The Car Take 5 minutes today to purge the clutter from your car. Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 19 Clothes

One of the most important things to purge is your clothing. If you buy new clothes, you really should be purging at the same time. One in, one out. If not, you’ll run out of room and it’s not necessary to keep all of your clothes. DAY 19: Clothes This Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 18 The Fridge

One of the most requested posts I’ve gotten this year is to share my Sunday meal plan and prep along with my organized fridge. One day I will share, but for now I’ll show you a peek into my purged fridge. It’s so easy to purge, clean out and organize Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 17 Kitchen Counters

We are almost finished up with the kitchen. Todays challenge is going to make a huge impact on your kitchen. Remember to work quickly. This isn’t a detailed challenge. DAY 17: Kitchen Counters Take a few minutes today to purge your kitchen counters. Remove everything from the surface (place it Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 16 Handbags

Today is going to be a hard purge. It was for me. During todays assignment, keep in mind why you are purging. We cannot keep collecting things without purging something to make room for it. DAY 16: Handbags We are headed into the master closet today. Pull out all of Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 15 Coffee Mugs

It’s time for another day of quick purging. We are headed back into the kitchen once again. You are doing an amazing job and your home thanks you. DAY 15: Coffee Mugs We have collected coffee mugs over the years and will continue to do so. That’s why it’s important Read More

30 Day Purge: Day 14 Linens

We are half way through the challenge. I’m loving it. I have purged so many things and it feels great! What about you? DAY 14: Linen Closet Take a few minutes to purge your linen closet. If you have not used a set of sheets in the last year, you Read More

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