2021 Home Organization Challenge: Week 5 Master Closet

January 30, 2021

Hi Friends. It’s time to conquer week 5 of our 2021 challenge. We are finally finished with the kitchen and now we’re moving into the master closet. This spot is a magnet for clutter and I am determined to motivate you to get it organized! Let’s get started.

PS. If you’re new to the challenge, you can find the first four weeks here. We’ve completed the  laundry room, home office, kitchen, and pantry. Be sure to print out the free challenge kit and use it as a guide as you work your way through the challenge. It has a step by step process that you can follow.


My closet system is from Easy Closets. Learn more about the installation here and reveal here.


My closet was completely overhauled last spring. It hasn’t changed a bit. I love the system I have in place.


I purchased several organizing products for this space last year. The whitewashed baskets are from TJ Maxx & Home Goods. I actually had to go to different 3 stores to find what I needed. The tags are from Target. You can find beautiful faux flowers here.


I organized all of my running clothes into the baskets. They are labeled:

  • Solid tanks
  • Scripted tanks
  • Lululemon tanks
  • Running shorts
  • Running pants
  • Lululemon shorts
  • Running socks
  • Compression socks
  • Sports Bras

The unit on the left contains several drawers & more baskets. 


These baskets contain t-shirts, extra perfume bottles, my hats, and wallets.


This drawer contains more running gear. I have running t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, race equipment, sun glasses, cold weather gear, and more running miscellaneous. 


This drawer contains my winter scarves, swim shirts, swim suits, swim dresses, and sunscreen. The organizers are from Bed Bath & Beyond but they are no longer available on the website.


On the right wall, I have many shelves for shoes and accessories. I keep my shoes in clear plastic containers (to keep the dust off). You can find similar boxes here. I hung my necklaces on the side of the closet with command hooks.


I store all of my hand bags in their dust bags, to protect them from the sunlight and dust. 


As you’re organizing and purging, dont forget to add your own personal touch to your space. Some faux flowers, a few perfume bottles, and a wedding photo warms the space and creates a beautiful ambiance. 


To complete the challenge, I added a French linen chair to the space. It screams my decorating style (French Farmhouse) and makes the closet more cozy.


I hope you enjoyed a tour of my organized closet. If you want more inspiration, be sure to check out my other closet organization posts here. If you’re on Instagram, I will share a video tour of the closet today! Take a couple days to really clear the clutter and reclaim your space. It feels so great! I’ll see you back here next week. We will be organizing the bedroom. Have a great week.


NOTE: If you’re a part of the Home Organization challenge, you’ll want to get the challenge companion guide and cleaning book. Both of these are essential tools that will help you get your homes organized and cleaned from top to bottom.

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