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What budgeting software is best for you?

   Back in December, I spoke of the wisdom of cash budgeting and how research shows that most people spend less when they’re faced with the pain of parting with actual cash. I also acknowledged that there are categories for which it’s usually not practical to deal in cash—specifically Read More

“Budget” First Aid…

  I love the start of a new year. It means a fresh calendar, pretty & practical organizing pages to print and try out in my binder, a list of books I’d like to read over the next 52 weeks, and anticipation of what the coming months hold. However, it can Read More

Cash budgeting…

Isn’t a cash budget so “last century?” Image courtesy   I know what some of you are thinking when you read blog posts or articles about using a cash budget. “Why would I do something so archaic when there’s an app/software/tool/etc. for tracking my spending? Get with the times!” I Read More

Cash envelope systems

You have all heard me talk about budgeting and using a cash only envelope system. I want to share the system I am currently using now.  Its the wallet system I found from A time for everything (an etsy shop).  Melissa is so talented and has created the cutest designed wallets Read More

Part 2 – organize your finances week… (creating an envelope system)

Yesterday your challenge was to create a budget!  Utilizing a budget is the first step towards financial freedom.  If you can STICK WITH your monthly budget, you will start to see your rewards of diligent planning turn into a beautiful debt free life. Today I am going to share how to Read More

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