Guide To Planning: Setting up your planning space

November 2, 2017


So many of my readers are fellow planner addicts, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my planning tips with you. Today I’m going to show you how I have my planning space set up. If you are a planner addict, you definitely need a designated spot to plan!  Be sure to watch my video below.  I hope you enjoy!




Step 1: Find a spot to plan. It is important to have a place to keep your planning supplies. Whether it’s in your home office or on a desk in the corner of a room, you need an area to plan. You can paint an old desk from a garage sale or purchase an inexpensive desk (like mine) from Ikea. Anything will work.




Step 2: Designate a spot to keep your planner. I found this fantastic planner stand to keep my planner on. It is the perfect size and angle to plan. It even has a space for planner inserts or writing tools. If you don’t have a stand, you can keep it on whatever side of the desk you write on. I highly suggest getting a stand though. It’s wonderful!




Step 3: Contain your supplies. Whether you use a planner tote, caddy, bag, pen pouch, etc… it’s great to have something to keep your supplies in. I recommend getting a pen pouch that you can take with you when you are on the go. My favorite writing tools are Le Pens & Staedtler pens. I also highlight my pages using the Mr. Sketch markers.



A planner caddy is another great option. This was $5.00 from Walmart. It holds all of my planner supplies in it perfectly. I can take it everywhere in the house and store it away when not in use.



A planner bag is a must if you attend planner meet ups or plan on the go like me. Any bag will work. This is from Madewell.



Steps 4 & 5: Turn on task lighting & light a candle. Ambiance is key when trying to enjoy the art of planning. Turn on low lighting, burn a candle, or diffuse essential oils. It sets the mood to help you relax while planning.



Step 6: Watch your favorite YouTube channel. I love background noise when planning. Find a “planning” YouTuber! There are so many out there. They will inspire you to get more creative with planning.



You could also listen to your favorite Pandora station.



Step 7: Pour yourself a drink. Pour a cup of joe or herbal tea. It is comforting and gets you in the mood to plan.





Planning is such a fun hobby. Set up the space, set the mood, and start enjoying the art of planning. If you enjoy posts like this, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel for more planning videos!



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2 comments on “Guide To Planning: Setting up your planning space

  1. NinafromParis says:

    Hi Toni!
    Thanks for this blog post and video. Can you please tell me here you got your planner from and also where you got this monthly calendar from please.
    Also could you please do a video about your planner supplies.
    As you have already guessed I am a planner addict….And organization and many other things!
    Thanks !!!

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