One project at a time… Tuesday Link Party.

September 6, 2011
Happy Tuesday!  I’m so glad you could make it to another One project at a time linky party!  I’m here and as busy as ever.  This past weekend we had a huge moving sale.  We made about $1500.  We also spent some time with family over the holiday weekend.  How was your week?  Any exciting projects going on?  I have been busy packing, garage saling, & I finally traded in my old camera for a new one.  I switched from a canon to a nikon!  I purchased the Nikon D7000 with my ebay earnings from my old camera and lenses.  So far, I am LOVING it and the best part is I didn’t have to pay a cent.  With the $ I got from my old camera and  lenses, I upgraded for free.   Do you use a canon or nikon?  Why do you love the one you use?

My daughter took these of me today with my new camera, while I was blogging. She is an aspiring photographer herself & pretty good I must say. 

I love her composition in this picture. 

The lens used was the 18-105mm kit lens.. which is fine… but I still need to order a nikon 50mm 1.4G.  Thats my favorite lens to use for photo shoots.  It creates beautiful pictures. Its a fantastic lens.

So what are you up to?  Link up and share your talents with us.

14 comments on “One project at a time… Tuesday Link Party.

  1. Ai Sakura says:

    Beautiful pictures!! 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I have a Nikon too!! I love it so far!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. Lou says:

    Oh my, you are so dressed up to blog. You definitely have put me to shame. I just purchased my first Canon Rebel T2i from a fellow blogger. I’m a beginner so I think this will do nicely. Definitely is better than my little Nikon pocket camera. Have a good week!
    Connie (akaLOU)

  4. Bobbie says:

    I have neither. Maybe one day. Such a beautiful photo that your daughter took of you.
    Congratulations on your new camera and your garage sale earnings, that’s great. Have a wonderful week. Bobbie

  5. Lucky you!! 🙂 I’ll get a fancy-shmancy camera one of these days! GREAT yard sale!! Wish I could have come shopped at it!! 🙂 Have a great week and thanks for the fun over here!

  6. Mindo says:

    Great photos! I just wanted to congratulate you on being able to swap out the old camera for a new one, as I know that your family is working towards Financial Peace .

    (Do I have that right? If so do you plan on blogging anytime soon about how that is going for you? I’d love to hear about it).

  7. Toni says:

    Mindo, After we get all moved I have a lot planned for the blog, including a follow up on my debt free/dave ramsey stuff. 🙂

    Lou, I really didnt dress up for blogging. We were getting ready to head out to a birthday party. 🙂

    Becky, I am coming to you if I have any nikon questions. :))

    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone. Have a great week!!


  8. SSzem says:

    Thanks for hosting this hop!! It’s great to see all of the creativity and feed off of others!! So spectacular!

    I jut have a Canon Elph point and shoot digital…but I’ve gotta say, I love it! Fits in my pocket, takes video (very important when you have a 1 year old who’s just starting to walk!!)

    Have a fantastic day!

    Sweet Stella’s

  9. Reenie says:

    Beautiful pics of you.

  10. chris says:

    I have both. My canon is a Powershot s3 is. Its a great camera, especially for action and auto focus. Then I have a Nikon D3 that I am still testing the waters on… it’s not easy for me since I am more interested in NOT missing the shot then the “art” of a picture.
    By the way, great pictures your girl took! Maybe a new about me picture…hmmmm

  11. I love link parties. Thanks for hosting this one 🙂

  12. That photo is gorgeous! You need to crop it and put it on your sidebar!!!

  13. Well your daughter certainly has a bright future! The pictures are fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

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