Daily Cleaning 101 – Step 3 “Bedrooms”

February 20, 2013

We are about 1/2 way through ABFOL’s “Daily Cleaning 101”. Today I am sharing my 3rd step to “keeping a clean home”, the bedrooms.  This is probably the easiest step you will do.  It only takes a few minutes each morning and can make a huge impact on your wellbeing throughout the day. Clean house = less stress.

A Bowl Full of Lemons Daily Cleaning 101 Series



If you missed them, below are links to steps 1 & 2.

Step 1 – The Kitchen

Step 2 – The Floors


Step 3 – “Shower your bedrooms with love”

  • Make your bed as SOON as you wake up. Teach your kids to do the same.
  • Put dirty laundry/pj’s in the hamper (Each bedroom should have a hamper).
  • Organize the top of your nightstand & dresser daily (in each bedroom).

* This step should only take 5 minutes – if you are efficient.


Make your bed…



Clear off & organize the top of your dresser…




Clear off and organize the top of your nightstand…




If you have extra time… 

Vacuum – If you have the time during the day, do a quick vacuuming through the bedrooms.

Empty trash cans – Each bedroom should have its own trash can. If they don’t, there will surely be trash where it doesn’t belong.

Dust – Wipe down dressers with a damp cloth. I use Basic H in a sprayer with a damp cloth to dust.  This is not necessary to do on a daily basis but if it only takes a minute, why not do it?

(All 3 extra steps should take 15 minutes max)



Free Printable

Click on the picture below to print the Daily Cleaning 101 checklist out. It will remind you of what needs done and how little time it takes. Please do not redistribute. Personal use only.

Daily cleaning checklist


My favorite cleaning products

  1. Cleaning Plain & Simple by Donna Smallin (My “go to” book for cleaning tips, how to’s & recipes)
  2. Get Clean Starter Kit (Contains everything in my cleaning kit minus Scour Off)
  3. Scour Off (To clean my sink weekly)
  4. Real Simple microfiber cloths
  5. Oreck Magnesium Vacuum (Giveaway at the end of the Series)
  6. Fresh Laundry Concentrate
  7. Basic H (Floor cleaner)





Starting your day off with a freshly made bed and a tidy bedroom helps to make the rest of your day go smoother, it just does!  How is your daily cleaning going?  Do you notice a change in your atmosphere or mood?  I would love to hear from you. I will see you back here tomorrow for step 4, the bathrooms.

24 comments on “Daily Cleaning 101 – Step 3 “Bedrooms”

  1. Samantha Bell says:

    I get so much more done when I make my bed first thing in the morning. It makes me feel so much better.

  2. Ashley says:

    Where do you keep your trash can in your bedroom?

  3. jenna says:

    What if you have a job? When do you find time to do all this?

    • Admin says:

      It only takes 5 minutes to make your bed in the morning and 15 minutes to do dishes in the evening. You can work on everything else t/o the day before or after work. Schedule your time & cleaning in just like its your job.

  4. Danene says:

    The bed has to be made! Regardless of what else is out, a made bed makes the whole room seem more tidy. Conversely, my whole room could be cleaned, but if the bed isn’t made then the whole room looks messy! This is one step I am on top of already! 🙂

  5. Connie C. says:

    I couldn’t agree more – I simply can’t start my day with an unmade bed (unless I am sick!). It starts my day out right.

  6. Sarah says:

    I love this series! I cleaned my kitchen last night before bed and even set up my coffee pot and programmed it to brew before I got up this morning.. my WHOLE day has been more productive! I also love that you include time management on your daily cleaning sheet! I always have to set up the next day’s to do list and schedule the night before.

  7. Grechen says:

    I think this is great latley I have been a mess due mostly because of the fact that I am in my first trimester and have been super exhausted but I am gaining some energy and trying to make sure the house stays clean. So yesterday I set the timer for 15 minutes (because if I don’t I’ll start deep cleaning at night..lol ) and I got the kitchen nice and clean and the sink was sparkling, counters wiped down and no yucky food smell . It was great!!..this way I can deep clean on the weekend and it won’t take as long because everything won’t be as messy! Now I’ll try the bedroom tomorrow morning and make sure it doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes. This past weekend it took me an hour to clean the master bedroom mostly because of my pile of clothes and that is just stressful and time consuming especially on the weekend!

  8. Kate says:

    I love this series! I am a full-time working mother of a 2-year old. When I first had my son, I went into “survival mode” and I don’t think I ever left. It’s time to get back into a normal routine that actually involves me making an effort to have a clean and tidy home. It’s been this year’s new year’s resolution and so far it’s working out pretty well! I’m gone from the house about 11 hours per day (commuting/work/daycare pick up). If I can make time for this, anyone can! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration, Toni!

  9. Jackie says:

    I just came across your blog and I am looking forward to trying your cleaning methods. Can you recommend a room deoderizer or linen spray for sheets? Thank you for sharing your cleaning routine!

  10. Calliope says:

    Actually it is better if you do not make your bed first thing. If you give your bed some time to get rid of body humidity it decreases dust mites. So first thing, i pull the duvet at the feet of the bed, (open the windows when at home), leave for work and when i return, then i make the bed.
    It works for me!

  11. Katie says:

    Reading this post just inspired me to get up and clear off my bedside table! It took maybe 10 minutes, and best of all, I was able to throw away a lot of stuff. Now that it’s nicely organized it’ll be easier to tidy it up each morning. Thanks for the boost, Toni!

  12. Jackie says:

    I feel much more productive when I start my day with a clean bedroom. Thank you!

  13. Karen says:

    There is nothing better than getting into a made bed. My husband works at night, so he is asleep when I leave for work. He has always made the bed when he gets up. Love him for it. Such a small task, but it makes my night so much better. Loved the tips on cleaning up the kitchen each night. It always seems cleaner when the dishes are done and the counters are clean.

  14. Karin says:

    I really like your bed, where is it from?

  15. Yes to making the bed. I have done this since I was 2 and it makes the whole room look better. I am very guilty of having piles of in-progress library books on top of my (always dusted) nightstand, though.

  16. Susan says:

    This is an easy step! Already a part of my routine, my eyes are barely focused as I’m making mine just out of bed!

  17. Ericka says:

    I read that dust mites love a damp bed, so the recommendation is that you NOT make your bed first thing in the morning, but to pull the covers back and let everything drying out. Dust mites will not hang around if their environment is not suitably damp.
    After knowing this I can’t ever bring myself to shut all those nasty critters in by making my bed every morning, doesn’t that just make your skin crawl???

  18. Alison says:

    Hi Toni- thanks for your great blog. I’m on a mission to get life more organized. Love you daily cleaning tips. And I love your bed frame. We are looking for something similar. Would you mind sharing where you found it?

    • Rachel says:

      Isn’t it so pretty?! It’s from IKEA and, unfortunately, the last I saw it was no longer available.

  19. Becky says:

    I’ve noticed that Basic H is a part of quite a bit of your cleaning….how long does one bottle last you?

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