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May 19, 2014

I’m very conscious about the products that I purchase for my home & use on my body so when one of my closest friends began the all natural lipstick company “Kissed by Maui”, I knew that I would be using the products asap!!  They are so wonderful, I needed to share with the world.   My friend Robin is epitome of healthy living & the person who originally inspired me to live green.


Here is a picture of Robin in Hawaii, a couple of months after Kissed by Maui first launched.

Owner of Kissed by Maui
“Being concerned about all of the toxins and chemicals found in beauty products and other household products, Robin decided that she would make a natural lipstick that not only looked and felt beautiful, but would not cause harm to her or her family and friends. Robin then decided that she should share her lipstick with the local people of Maui and the many people who come to visit Maui every year.”    If you care what goes into your body as well, give Robin’s products a try.  They really are great. Most importantly, they are not toxic like the products you find in your local “big box” stores.  They are made from high quality, mostly organic ingredients.  I think its so important to vote with our dollars.  We need more natural & organic products in the stores around us.


Kissed by Maui all natural lipstick via A Bowl Full of Lemons


The lipstick comes in an eco friendly & stylish bamboo case.


Kissed by Maui all natural lipstick via A Bowl Full of Lemons


The colors are beautiful and they actually look good on. There are many more to choose from on the website.


Kissed by Maui all natural lipstick via A Bowl Full of Lemons


My favorite is Paradise Pink.


Kissed by Maui all natural lipstick via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Robin has kindly offered FREE SHIPPING for A Bowl Full of Lemons readers. No promo code necessary, just click on the link… you have any questions, you can email Robin at

Don’t forget to “LIKE” Kissed by Maui on Facebook here.


4 comments on “Kissed by Maui…

  1. Lecy says:

    Wow, I love the packaging and the colors are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing these. I will definitely be checking out the website!

  2. Jenny Lynn says:

    Natural is good! Checking it out.

  3. Jo Ellen says:

    I am loving the bamboo case!! I want to buy some just for the case. LOL! I absolutely LOVE bamboo!

  4. Outstanding! Thanks a ton for sharing this! I’ve been looking for a way to substitude the cosmetics I use for more natural ones for a loooong time. These look awesome, especially the Pink Passion – it stole my heart. It’s pretty neat that even the packaging is natural. Hope she ships to UK.

    Greetings, Ann W.

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