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March 11, 2015



Do you use the cash envelope system of budgeting? Does your method leave a lot to be desired in terms of looks or organization? Maybe it’s time to throw away the paper envelopes or plastic organizers that crack and fall apart and budget in style! Or perhaps you’ve only vaguely heard about the cash envelope system and want to know envelope system wallet giveaway package from A Time for Everything

What is the cash envelope system?

The concept of the cash envelope system isn’t new. It involves funding envelopes with cash each pay period according to a predetermined monthly budget, and then spending only what is in that envelope for that category. When the money is gone, the spending stops until the next paycheck.

Many of our grandparents and even parents spent their money this way! One major difference is that these days, the majority of bills are paid through automatic withdrawal or at least online, so the system applies mainly to monthly expenses where it’s easy to overspend. These “budget busters” can include groceries, eating out, entertainment, personal care, and clothing, to name a few.


cash envelope system wallet dividers and labels


Why should I use the cash envelope system?

Using the cash envelope system of budgeting has many advantages. It can teach discipline, curb impulsive spending habits, help you become debt-free more quickly, and speed up saving towards a particular goal such as replacing a vehicle or going on vacation.

Even science backs up this method with research that shows using cash activates pain receptors in the brain, potentially discouraging overspending or even purchasing a particular item at all. On the other hand, using a debit or credit card delays the pain until you’re balancing the checkbook or viewing the credit card statement!


How does a cash envelope system wallet help?

The truth is, having a pretty wallet is not a necessity when it comes to implementing the cash envelope system. However, it can be motivating and just plain fun to fill something pretty with cash each pay period and then pull it out to use at the store! Plus, a wallet is much more organized and durable than paper envelopes.

cash envelope system wallet in laminated cotton with wrist strap

How can I get my hands on a cash envelope system wallet?

You’re in luck! Melissa Kaiserman from A Time for Everything is giving away a handmade Organize-It Cash Envelope System prize package to two readers! Each of the winners will receive the following:

Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter.  You may choose as many entries as you’d like.

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For the duration of the giveaway, A Bowl Full of Lemons readers can receive free shipping on any order from A Time for Everything! Click “Apply Shop Coupon Code” at checkout and enter ABFOLMAR15. (Free shipping applies to domestic orders only, but international customers may leave a note at checkout requesting a refund equal to the amount a U.S. customer would save on that order.) In her shop, you’ll find several styles of cash envelope system wallets and accessories in a variety of fabrics, including budgeting products for kids.


Melissa is passionate about people living within their means and becoming--and remaining--debt-free. She is the owner of A Time for Everything, which includes both a shop where she sells handmade cash envelope system wallets and accessories, and a blog where she writes about frugal living, creating, and life in general. She's been blogging since 2007 and making pretty wallets since 2011.

11 comments on “Cash Envelope System Wallet Giveaway

  1. Jackie says:

    Some of the links are not working for me for the entries. What should I do?

  2. Joan says:

    I just purchased one of these from Melissa. Two, actually. One as a gift for a friend. I love it, and think I need another one now for my gift cards.

  3. Linda says:

    Thanks for the wonderful offer.

  4. Bennie says:

    I don’t use one of these but I have a similar system. I try to pay as much as possible with cash – groceries, gas, etc., weekly expenses. Then as I get down to the last 10, 20 bills I know to curb my spending. I only charge items when necessary (like an online gift, etc. or a big expense like a car repair).

  5. Sinea says:

    I took a course on financial freedom and they taught us about the “envelop system” Simply put, you separate your cash into envelopes for your monthly needs. When they are empty, you’re done! No credit cards can be used. What a simple way of sticking with a budget and even becoming debt free!

  6. Amanda says:

    We have been using the envelope system for a long time and I can’t stand the plastic file folder we use. I love this wallet idea so cute!

  7. Here’s the correct links in case anyone needs them before Toni is able to get home and apply the fixes.

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  8. I really need to start this. I’m so fearful to spend cash but hand over my debit card without thought. This would save me some money for sure. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Nate M. says:

    Great tips. Carrying cash around always makes me nervous, but when you use your debit card you can easily lose track of how much money you are actually spending.

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