New Homebuilding Series

October 9, 2017

Welcome back to my blog. If you haven’t already heard, we are building a new home! I’ll be giving weekly updates throughout the process, including videos so you can join along and watch our house come to life. We are heading into week 3, although it’s supposed to rain all week so there may not be much going on! I’ll update you on the past week every Monday or every 2 weeks (if there isn’t much progress). Here are the first two weeks for your enjoyment. If you are building a house now or have built a custom home, I would love your wisdom and tips. Please comment below!

Week 1: The lot clearing began.  There were so many weeds, underbrush, and dead or damaged trees on our lot. It took almost 2 weeks to get it cleared.


Week 2: They finally finished lot clearing on Thursday. It took 7 full days.



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One comment on “New Homebuilding Series

  1. Mae says:

    Congratulations! My husbands company builds custom homes so I know fully how variables like weather change things! As to your washer/dryer I discovered something at my daughters house-she has a super nice LG top loader but it’s so deep I can’t reach small things at the bottom without hanging on the edge! The challenges of being short huh? It is quite nice cleans well and quiet oh my it’s quiet!

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