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4 Ways to Tame the Clutter

Clutter. We’ve all got it. You may have clutter that is out in the open or you may have clutter that is neatly tucked away. However you manage the clutter, there is always going to be some clutter in your life. It’s just a part of life. Life sort of Read More

One Project at a Time: 5/6/14

How many of you are in full Spring mode? I’m still itching to have the screen in the front door but am battling the colder evening temperatures. I haven’t planted my garden, haven’t started planting in my flower beds, haven’t cleaned the outside of my windows. I’m ITCHING for Spring Read More

One Project at a Time: 2/25/14

 Is it really possible that this is our last link party for February?! How exciting to be moving on to a new month!  With Spring just around the corner, I am so excited to see all the fun, new, inspiring ideas you all are coming up with. If you’re new Read More

How to Clean Your Washing Machine with Vinegar

Cleaning your washing machine may seem like one of those cleaning tasks that doesn’t make sense. The whole point of a washing machine is to clean your clothing and washables, so it can’t be all that dirty, right? Wrong. The truth is that your beloved washing machine can be a Read More

How to organize your move…

  In less than 3 weeks, we will be moving into our new home.  For most people, moving is a huge pain and a stressful time in their lives. It is for us as well.  But being organized and having a plan has helped us tremendously, especially since we dont Read More

One project at a time… & some garage sale finds.

I cant  believe its already May.  We didn’t even have a real winter down here in South Carolina.  It seems like it went from fall to summer.  Im not complaining. 😉  Welcome back to One project at a time. Im so glad you are here.  If you would like to Read More

Guest post today… Food Storage 101!

I am in the (fun) process of relocating to South Carolina, so I will have a few guests on my blog over the next couple of weeks. Today is actually our “moving day”.  So pray for us and wish us luck on a safe move.  Today Heather will be sharing Read More

Part 6 – Organizing your finances week… Debt Free stories

We have finally made it to the end of the “Organize your Finances” challenge! We are now on day 6.  I have received so many emails from my readers (Thank you). I am so grateful that this challenge has helped so many of you out.   This week, we have: Read More

Guest poster {Becky} from… Organizing Made Fun!

I added a new survey on my right column (at the top). Please vote!  I would love to see what kind of involvement we can get to start a new weekly challenge!  I know a lot of you are sad for the challenge to end. Starting a new one will give us Read More