Purge Day 11: Freezer Food

October 11, 2014


Day 11 Purge via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Welcome to Day 11 of our month long purge. Today we are going back into the kitchen to purge the freezer.  Do you even know what’s in there?  Do you keep an organized list of the contents?  If not, you may be wasting food and money.  It’s time to purge and organize!
Purging the Freezer via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Purge Day 11: Freezer Food

Task:  Empty out your freezer of all its contents.  Sort through and purge expired or freezer burnt food.  Wipe the freezer clean.

Organizing Tip:  When filling your freezer back up, categorize each shelf or drawer.  Place like items together.  You can even label the shelves or organize food into baskets (like above).  Also, don’t forget to make a list of what you have/need.

Free Printable:  HERE is a free freezer inventory sheet for you to hang on your freezer door.  And if you’re menu planning today, don’t forget to pick up my menu planning kit.

If you are new to the purge, start at the beginning HERE. Don’t forget to share your purge pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #abfol31daypurge. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another task.




4 comments on “Purge Day 11: Freezer Food

  1. Caley says:

    I’m super behind on this purging month but it has got me thinking about areas I didn’t even think about purging in! I have saved each post to come back and do all mine when I can. Thank you for sharing x

  2. AJ says:

    What brand or where did you get the smaller white containers containing pesto, beef stock, etc.?

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